Getting Ground With Inner Truth

DETROIT - The last few weeks of the Corona Virus Pandemic have been truly terrifying, to say the least. There are reports of the COVID-19 virus coming into our towns and disrupting life as we know it. As of this writing, there is a lockdown for the State of Michigan. The cost of gas has gone down to under $1.50 but there is no place to go. Many places are closed including churches and restaurants and only the essential businesses are open. Fear and paranoia are growing throughout our daily experience and is being fed by the mass media.

The projections on how long this will last seem to differ from day today. Our lives are all on hold and our future appears to be unclear. When will we get our lives back and when how will this disease situation resolve? If you buy into the media forecast by CNN and FOX News the quality of life seems very dismal. Last week I was watching Anderson Cooper and he placed his staff at the driveway of a church who then waited for the pastors to come in. He had his people ask him interrogative questions about what they expect from God. One woman stated she was going to rely on the precious blood of the risen Christ for protection. This seemed to really upset the reporters and they were digging for something more. She stood steadfast on her beliefs and on the Holy scripture and then had to drive away from them. Then they went after a pastor who set them straight. "You better not write any false news about me or you will be hearing from me". The report cut back to Cooper who just starred back at the camera with his trademark vapid expression. Their anti-Christ message scored a big fat zero while faith got 2 points.


You have the ability to choose fear and run with this doom and gloom projection. You have the right to stand up with the mass media and buy into everything they tell you. I mean, they are the news, right? Aren't they always right about everything? I totally support social distancing and believe that a lot of the churches are doing a great job with putting their services on the web for believers. This is a very positive thing and then there are other pastors who insist on filling up their churches regardless of the governmental guidelines. This puts everyone at serious risk and I do not agree with that. There are other pastors are making a name for themselves in this tragic time and getting a boatload of popularity. Wasn't it circus promoter P.T. Barnum who said something to the effect of no publicity is bad publicity? Now if memory serves I think he topped that statement with "Make sure you spell my name right".

Now here is the funny thing with our leftist mass media. The Christian message gets attacked daily, and if we are being completely honest, hourly. It isn't just on cable television news but it exists in our printed publications. I always found it interesting that when the concepts of faith are given different terminology that they become media safe again. So the concept of Christ miracles in your daily life might get you scoffed at and ridiculed on a nightly news broadcast. But when it is relabeled as a subconscious mind and universal intelligence or as manifesting you might find yourself as a guest on Oprah, Ellen or any of the other shows. PBS even runs specials on subconscious mind manifestation via Wayne Dyer.

However, you approach your level of faith one thing stands clear. You need to stay in a positive mindset. I understand that a personal relationship with Jesus Christ takes time and work and that not everyone is on the same page. There is no time right now to nitpick over what your neighbor is studying or not studying. There is no time to thwart Baptists against Catholics or Jews against Kabbalists. And there is no time to ridicule Christ believers over agnostics. The bottom line here is where do you stand with your personal power and how are you going to use it to survive these upcoming days. You will be on trial and at your wit's end and will be looking for something to hold onto. You will be looking for guidance and direction if you want to continue on with your life. This is going to be all on you as this is your life.


Some people are going to take refuge with drugs and alcohol and remain numb until things blow over. Right now in the State of Michigan liquor stores have been listed as essential businesses and they have stayed open. But listen to me when I say that the intake of mind-altering substances will create racing thoughts. The Holy Bible says "Be still and know that I am God" and you can read that in Psalm 46. New age writer and expert Wayne Dyer will say you need to meditate and get into the "gap". It is the silence in between your busy thoughts where you connect to source and by source, I am talking about universal intelligence. Getting to that spot is hard if you are not pursuing it. Instead, we fill up our heads with techno music, senseless lyrics, raps, rhymes, and violence from the movies we watch. We fill up our bodies with processed fast food that is void of any nutrients and strip out our body with minerals with all the sugar we consume. Take in an account for a minute about how many distractions we put in the way between us and our creator.

If talking about a creator, universal intelligence, Jesus Christ or God makes you uncomfortable then consider science. What is it that keeps us in a state of fear and panic? Author and healing coach Matthew David Hurtado speaks highly of minerals and calls them the currency of life. Minerals are responsible for transporting our nutrients throughout our bodies and are stored in our spine. This gets really interesting and might even blow your mind a bit. When you study the Tree of Life in Judaism and Kundalini in India we realize that this is where our energy centers live. These are called chakras and there are seven in place that lead to our head energy center known as the Keter, or crown. When all seven chakras are aligned amazing things start to happen. Miracles, if that's allowed, take place and you will have a new comfortable sense of being. Walking in balance is an incredible phenomenon to experience.

What can you expect exactly? Well, that depends on who you are and what you are all about. You are a summary of your life's events and everything you have experienced thus far is embedded in your DNA and your vibrational energy field. This is unavoidable and it happens to everyone. Every good thing and bad thing that you have ever experienced gets recorded and stored in your electrical body. This means that when certain things pop up in your life that is unpleasant you are calling it back in on a frequency level. You are also calling in the same arguments, the same problems, and the same limitations.

How do you break the pattern of pulling in what you do not want such as fear, intimidation or lack? You first have to identify it as something you don't want. From here you can do any number of positive things. You can do positive mantras for yourself and program your mind for new outcomes. You can also read scripture and study the many promises of God. You can also list out all of your negative behavioral traits and then work on changing them. All of these will take work and will require that you put in some faith to make them work.

In all my reading I found that Pastor Jesse Duplantis said it best when talking about the universal creative force. When you state the promises of God, and they are all listed throughout the Bible, and say them out loud something amazing happens. Your life will start to bend to the positive promises. That is your outward circumstances will start to lean to the positive things you say about your situation or yourself. This will happen in personal life and you will find that disturbances and difficulties will start to change. Some will call this the Law of Attraction. What you focus on will tend to expand and become manifest so it is imperative to think good thoughts. Never curse yourself or speak negatively over yourself. Remember that the same God who you curse is the same God who blesses you. These are rules to abide by and to keep yourself strong and armed up with a high mental conviction that you will overcome.

That being said I think it is important to keep plugged in to the news to have some sense of what is happening. But I do not suggest that you live there. Turn the TV off and find something else to do. Keep in the conversation but do not dwell there. When I grew up we did not have 24-hour news channels heckling our personal beliefs around the clock. The evening news came on at 6 PM and would get delivered. Sometimes there was a commentary from the broadcaster but that was it. We were left to form our own conclusions and do our own thinking. That is not the case today. In today's we are told what to think and to stick to one narrative that is so bent from the promises of our creator. I truly believe that it is the reason that so many people are joyless today.

You need to find out where your inner power lies and how to generate it so you can truly live. This is not living by someone else's expectations but where your heart stands. Once you get here you have to make a decision on how you are going to function. Will you find the faith and courage to stand up on your own two feet? Or are you going to let the 24 hour news media narratives wear you down?

What Are Christian Concepts Doing On An Alternative Music Website?

Is it really so strange to introduce Christian and Universal law concepts on a pop culture website? I remember back in the ‘80s I as approached by a Hare Krishna while I was living in Ann Arbor. He was into the punk band The Cromags. He was pushing the Bhagavad Gita on me right in the street. The Krishnacore sub genre of punk rock introduces hardcore kids to a higher teaching. So you can look at us in that vein. We like to examine life from all angles and then write about our experiences. Best part about it is that we work outside of the Social Media platforms and are able to express our own uncensored opinions.



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