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DETROIT - Hey hey mama…. there’s a whole lotta fashion going on! Who would ever think that in 2020 Led Zeppelin is making a big time come back. Right now there are an incredible amount of hard rocking products that will take you on a major time warp to 1969. There is everything you can imagine from clothing, accessories and wall hangings. We are going to take a look at a few products and give you a little preview.

Its not hard to see why these products are selling. Led Zeppelin is a fun band that continues to hypnotize and entertain new audiences. They have iconic albums and powerful artistic imagery. They have a visual sense and a bombastic sound to match. They are in short a real feast for the senses. Each member of the band contributed something to the overall sound and thus created, “The Fifth Element”. Robert Plant, Jimmy Page, John Bonham, and John Paul Jones created something bigger than themselves and it has lasted multi generations. That is something to celebrate. But enough with the jibber jabber…… lets look at those products !!


Wow… the designs are just as fresh right now as they were decades ago. They evoke fun times and recall the mystery and intrigue. They remind us why we started to like them in the first place. These epic designs really speak volumes about the band. The energy is captured in these great designs from each album. You have the classic Icarus design from their Swan Song label and you have each band member symbol on t-shirts for men and women.

My personal favorite has to be the Icarus logo for the 1975 tour. This shirt screams, “I was there !!” even if you weren’t. It creates envy wherever you go and causes people to take a second look as you walk by. You can get this design on the classic tye dye, or the faded concert poster look, and even printed white on black. This comes in women’s design and depending where you buy it you can get it cut at different lengths. You can even find it distressed and with multiple ventilation cuts on the sleeves and back. It will make your summer ROCK.

We were able to find some incredible designs from a warehouse in California. There are some designs here on black with the band member symbols printed in red. This slight distinction puts them miles ahead of the competition and adds a sense of urgency. This is still the band to watch out for and this new take on the Led Zeppelin brand makes it new and fresh again. Take a look at the different colors too. We also liked the orange and black designs with the band members faces on the front. You will also find a lot of hoodies and pullovers.

Led Zeppelin is a band that continues to mystify and challenge its listeners. You will make new discoveries with each listen and old classics become new favorites as you go through their extensive catalog. That is why you will love discovering them in these new products. This quilt is quite exciting as it features all the artwork from the albums as well as pictures of the band in action. You will see the ZOSO logo that is synonymous with Jimmy Page’s wild guitar playing and unforgettable album art. Now you can wrap yourself up and immerse yourself with the music.


The tie dyes are almost dreamy and atmospheric. They capture the energy of their somber notes as well as their bold electric signature sound. You will be sure to impress with this selection of rock and roll attire. It all depends on what kind of mood you are in and what kind of statement you wish to make. You can find it with this brand and they accent any kind of look you are after. The colors are solid and have the classic logo featured on the front, back and sleeves. They go good with jeans or as an accessory to your jacket. You wear it the way you want.


Wow, we actually found Led Zeppelin sneakers. They are white with headshots of all the boys in the band on the side. Think Converse with a beat and you pretty much got the complete picture. There are soft brown ones with full body shots of each band member with a stylish white sole. You can grab a pair of these hard rocking kicks between $49 - $89 bucks. They go with just about anything and make a real statement.

There are about twenty different styles of shoes that you can choose from. We stopped counting after twenty because we got so much to share in this article. Make sure that you check out the Led Zeppelin boots. They have the Swan Song logo in full color on the side of this sturdy black industrial book. The toe of the boot features full color artwork of the band playing live. This can kick down some serious doors. It is a stunning product. This has my absolute favorite all time vote for the best Led Zep merchandise item. They are sure to be a collectors item.

We found purses for sale that feature Robert Plant and Jimmy Page in action doing a live performance. There is no logo on this bag but anyone with a rock and roll sense can figure out who it is. There are ten good ones that we found for sale for the serious minded fan.


Okay so there are a few items that are over the top. I particularly liked the army camo jacket with the tie dye Swan Song patch on the back. This item looks custom made and we found it on Etsy.com so it could be one of a kind. It is definitely worth the low $89 they are asking for. And you will want to pay attention to the line of Hot Wheels toy cars that are now available. These cars have unique paint jobs on them and each design is based on a Led Zeppelin album. These are good to hang on your Christmas tree or you might be tempted to just leave them in the original packaging. In either case you are going to love em.





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