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Real Estate SEO, and Google Success

Exciting news from our SEO online promotion company! We've uncovered a unique method that can catapult any business to the first page of Google in just five days. Imagine the thrill of seeing your local business on Google's prime online real estate in such a short period.

As I write this, I found an interesting blurb in the back office of a popular template website hosting platform. It stated that any applied SEO while using this platform could take as long as 12 weeks!

Even more intriguing is that my industry peers believe it can actually take as long as 12 months to achieve any kind of online visibility! They seem okay with this, but I find that time frame incredibly long. So, what do our clients think? Frankly, most of them find this time frame unacceptable.

I mean seriously who wants to wait 3 to 12 months for results?

Google Offers New Changes: market trends and industry dynamics

Google, as always, is shaking things up with its algorithm. We've seen updates like Hummingbird, Pirate, Penguin, and others just like it in the past. Google fights against spammy websites and content and they are always in the business of becoming the most valid search engine. The latest change from Google is a game-changer for original content. In this round Google wants you to put more of an effort into crafting compelling keyword-rich content. So with this update you might want to pull back your sleeves and start typing out new fresh material about your company.

In the recent months there has been a push to use AI tools to generate engaging written verbiage for your web media, but as enthusiastic as this sounds your content needs more heart. Using AI tools in your real estate marketing can be perceived as very spammy in its origin. Google is not looking for you to write to its bots to get approval. On the contrary Google wants content that is written for humans.

We've been diligently crafting new content for our websites and web media. Some of the original content for our music documentary reviews we penned during the Covid era were ranking on Google at lightning speed. And by 'lightning speed, 'I mean our reviews were picked up by Google and ranked on page 1 within 24 hours. It was a thrilling yet reassuring moment for my company. We ranked on Google with two interesting written reviews on, "The Sex Pistols: Making Never Mind The Bullocks Album Documentary", and The Fleshtones, "Pardon Me For Living But The Graveyard Was Full". 

Currently, we are working on the new Robyn Hitchcock tour as he travels throughout the United States on his latest Shufflemania Tour. I have since come up with the idea of using these unique SEO strategies for local businesses. The results are now pouring in for real estate: EXP Realty, Keller Williams, and Remax. 

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The Goose That Lays The Golden Eggs

Is it fair to state that we have encountered some magic success formula to our online real estate marketing? Perhaps.... but more importantly, there is a solid pull to create original written content, by using a powerful combination of the written word and keyword phrases, and writing for people instead of bots. Getting a lot of business owners to see the light has been like pulling teeth. Some business owners still try to pawn off their pre-written template content, (the content that came with their template website) as if they hired a real copywriter, even though its obvious to anyone with a half a brain that this is completely false.

The best way to make an impression on the web is to write extensively or hire a copywriter. Hiring someone with a sense of style when they write that has an authentic voice is becoming more and more critical. What I mean by that is is you should hire someone who is not afraid to take a stand against something and to have an honest to gosh real opinion. Wishy-washy people-pleasing bullshit copy is a great way to get yourself ignored on the web. Worse, it looks like it was written for no one in particular and to score unworthy praise from the Google bots.

That being said, many spammy news services write endless pages of sales copy that lacks merit or perspective. This is also known as clickbait; you can find this type of material on Facebook posts, as well as AI generated Youtube voiceover copy. It does nothing more than waste time and the patience of your audience.

You want to create content that engages people, makes them think, and gets them to take action. We live in a three-second world, and you need to find a writer who can create emotion and create an impression.


I worked as a CEO coach for the past year and have sludged through horrendous websites made by staffers. The idea here is that "good enough is just good enough," and everyone gets to go home by 5 PM. Meanwhile, the company runs stagnant, it makes no impression on the search engines, and there is no influx of new business or accounts. Yet the 'IT" department, if that's allowed, is wallowing in pizza and video games after hours and running the art room like a real romper room.

Sadly, this is where many companies are. I am constantly amazed at the low level of tech knowledge of business owners and the products they eventually end up buying. It is usually nothing more than a band-aid placed over a gaping wound. Profits are hemorrhaging, and there needs to be a strategies in place.


How Do You WIN In This Battle For Attention?

You have to keep fighting for attention and keep writing. That means being diligent and writing with intensity and tenacity. I notice a lot that companies do not know who their customers are. It is compelling and mysterious that most companies I consult with are looking for nothing more than a wallet and a pulse. 

The war for attention goes way beyond SEO and search engine optimization but overflows into customer retention. The problem is that it extends into a much larger picture. Once you get your prospect's attention, it is essential to nurture that lead to an educated buyer. This is your moment to sell yourself and identify this prospect as an ideal client. I don't see that happening much in businesses or other SEO promotion companies I run into.

In this noisy world, we need to pay close attention to the people we serve and also pre-sell them by answering questions in our online media.

In closing it is imparitive to respect and believe in the process.

Ted Cantu and THE WIN, and our recent success on Google promoting EXP Realty Divorce Real Estate Properties and Services.


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