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OPEN INVITATION - Health and Wealth 5 Day Challenge

Hey, there, folks!
As some of you know, I run a marketing company. I am changing directions, delving into health, wellness, and wealth audience, and looking for guest speakers.

This will be videos and presentation material designated for a 5-day challenge. You will have the option to sell your course materials on the back end.

We have built a network of partnerships, including big brands, and have connections in salons, women-based businesses based in Michigan and most recently Starbucks.

We could use more drop zones for our flyers and literature if you have a brick-and-mortar storefront.

A little background on us...
we will work in the health and wellness field, showing people the benefits of fresh juicing, how to use a subconscious mind and wealth-building opportunities. We have great connections with New paths to financial freedom, including film investing.

We have a case study working with kids, getting them off high-sugar foods and into a juicing program. One of our best students is eliminating his planner's warts and losing weight.

We are picking up where the Phenomenews company left off. for those who may need to remember, Phenomenews was a significant independent alternative spiritual and Health Magazine with guest writers and speakers such as Deepak Chopra and Wayne Dyer.

The good news is that you can access many great businesses, expand your marketplace, and reach a whole new audience. This particular market base has 100,000 people in Michigan.

If you're interested and participating, you can do so at no cost. We are looking for passionate people to talk about their businesses on camera.

We will be running challenges back to back throughout the year. You're welcome to shoot as many segments as you like.

When you complete the acceptance form, let us know what days and times work best for you.

We want to launch this following Monday.

I am looking forward!

THE WIN 5-DAY Challenge Explained

The concept of a 5-day challenge is to create a brand new audience then it's outside of the usual suspects. And by that, when you show up to a meet-up or breakfast meeting group of some kind, we always seem to run into the same type of people we have met for many years. This can be very self-defeating, and my mission and goal is to complete a brand new audience, fill the new people, and make money.

Why do we need guest speakers?
The idea of having multiple guest speakers is to have a variety of new personalities. It is to create a more excellent range of content interests and reach a broader audience.

This will increase the power audience to entertain and engage and inform a much more comprehensive range of people to create more financial influence. So I am looking for professionals in the health and wealth community to be tested speakers and grow this Nationwide.

How Can You Participate
You can participate by doing a live video and live interview with us. Or, if you prefer, you can join us in the right direction on YouTube or social media as your videos currently are. And we could showcase your content online.

I want to get live content with our guest speakers to build rapport with them and build interactive believability of your product and services. I want to be friendly and humorous and informative exchanges to build rapport with our audience.

How Do You Benefit?
we are creating new forms of web traffic using various new technologies, including funnels and innovative social media strategies. We want to offer our audience a chance to buy your courses and services and promote our brand.

That being said, I'd like to schedule a time to create a new video with you.

We would also like your input on how you would like to sell your services.

I appreciate your interest. We look forward to working with you.


1. We need a promotional picture of you for our poster. You can email that to us at

Or you can text it to us at 248-277-6141

2. Schedule a video time - when we can shoot an interview video with you.
Or.... You can send us the URL of where your video is so we can put you in the program.

3. Come up with your special offer of the product or course you want to sell and promote.


Join Us

Confirm with us that you are interested in a video shoot. We are offering them this week and will be open every day until we launch. (including weekends ;-) 

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