Can Facebook Ads Really Save Your Company From The Brink?
By Ted Cantu

REM 1987: The Birth Of Alternative Radio By Ted Cantu
REM Ann Arbor Michigan Ted Cantu 1987 Crisler Arena
Alternative Radio Turns 27 1967 - 1987 - ANN ARBOR, MI Revisited
REM Crisler Arena 1987 Ted Cantu - Hot Metro Finds
"Yo Google Whats The Deal With MY Search Engine Rankings Yo !!??" What You Need To Know About Hummingbird and Penguin.....
THE RUINERS BRING BACK FIRE AND PASSION...And Return Detroit Rock Music To It's Dangerous Roots....
CHEF ZACK SKLAR: Changing The Way Metro Detroit Eats...
"MICHAEL KORS" New York Fashion Week Fall Winter 2014 2015
"RALPH LAUREN" Full Show HD New York Fashion Week Fall Winter 2014 2015 
"ROBERTO CAVALLI" Milano Moda Donna Autumn Winter 2014 2015
Man Loses 200 Pounds
On Raw Organic Hemp Seeds - "IT'S INCREDIBLE AND TRUE!"
Eating FRESH: Living With Cheryl
"BURBERRY PRORSUM" London Fashion Week Fall Winter 2014 2015 
"DONNA KARAN" Full Show HD New York Fashion Week Fall Winter 2014 2015 
Heart Vibration Energy: Listening To Your Inner Body and Changing Your Life
Entertaining With Friends: Rifino Valentine From Valentine Vodka Brings The Drinks
Queen + Adam Lambert : The Epic Performances
The surprise concert series of the year. Adam Lambert steps in as the front man for the classic rock group Queen and ROCKS THE WORLD.
The media has ignored the performances but they didn't get past the fans who have stepped in as the paparazzi, video VJ, rock journalists and social media angels. See the Queen + Adam Lambert shows here >>>>>

During the summer months our office received a strange picture of a Whopper with Adam Lambert's picture on the wrapper. The message was that there was a new fast food item tailored for the Glamberts. But Alas, It Wasn't Meant To Be... >>>>

Man Loses 200 Pounds By Munching On Hemp Seeds !! The Biggest Weight Loss Secret Is No Longer Secret
Have you ever considered losing weight? Everyone thinks about it when the new year rolls around and rush into the gym. You get a good routine going while you’re waiting for Spring. Another winter storm happens and you find yourself in another 8 inches of snow. Then you know what happens? You get cozy in home and go for the comfort foods. And for many of you that means things like mac and cheese, pancakes and sausage or potatoes and beef stew. So much for new years resolutions right? Lose Weight Today With Natures Best....

MICK JAGGER Produces James Brown Bio Pic: The Result Is Stunning
Get On Up - Is A Powerful Film That Packs A Wallop !! >>>>>


THE REPLACEMENTS: NBC Forgives The Troubled Rock And Roll Legends - Jimmy Fallon welcomes back Paul Westerberg and the Replacements to 30 Rock on the Tonight Show


RIK MAYALL 1958 - 2014: Remembering The U.K. Comedic Post Punk Genius From, “The Young Ones”
The world seems a little less funny now that the epic great maestro of comedy, Rik Mayall has passed on. For those who don’t know who he was Mayall was one of the Titanic forces of destructive post-punk comedy in the UK hit comedy show, “The Young Ones.” We Say Goodbye To This Comedic Master.....
CHEF ZACK SKLAR: Changing The Way Metro Detroit Eats...The creator of, "Cutting Edge Cuisine" joins us for some serious food talk. Get to know this ground breaking chef.....
PLANTARS WARTS: And Healing In The Age Of Consciousness - Read this inspiring story about how faith, science and universal abundance brought upon an amazing healing... and restoration.... Get the whole story here.....

Google Hummingbird SEO, Google Penguin SEO, and What You Need To Know To Make Your Metro Detroit Business Thrive.


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