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Randy Holloway


Award Winning Producer/Writer/Director Randy Holloway has been in the entertainment industry for nearly two decades and has served as a journalist, radio host, and multimedia producer and director. Randy’s talent is writing, directing, producing, concept development, and editing of all forms of digital media. Randy’s gift is putting all of the right people and right things in place to bring an idea to life. He has had the opportunity to work with some of the biggest names and networks in entertainment including Brad Pitt, Cindy Crawford, MTV, American Idol, Fox, ABC, Oxygen Network, Mark Wahlberg, and Christian Bale to name a few.


Chadwick Boseman - 42 Interview

Director Randy Holloway sits down with Chadwick Boseman, the star of the new hit movie 42.


Interview With
Harrison Ford

Film Director Randy Holloway sits down with Harrison Ford to discuss the number one movie in America: 42 The Story of an American Legend


Reel Detroit Fist Fight - ICE CUBE

Interview with Ice Cube and the hit comedy - Fist Fight


Bianca Who Did This to You TV Trailer

The television trailer for one of the year's most anticipated films.
Bianca Who Did This to You? is based on the best selling book by author E. Williams. It is a story that deals with child molestation, domestic violence, and self-mutilation. "It's not just a movie, it's real." Coming 2015

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