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It Is Essential To Change Your WHO

Recently, I slimmed down my Facebook profile and removed some people. I had accumulated a lot of different people throughout the years as a result of signing up on different newsletter lists and random contacts, and these were not long-term clients or business associates. However, we all left on favorable terms, and I told them they could go to my main website if they needed anything. 

Now, this may seem not kind. But I was getting a lot of people on my Facebook profile that, for whatever reason, made statements to claim that they were more significant than what they were. I got many vacation pictures from Dubai and people who said they were on large cruise ships halfway around the World. Their pictures of food looked like they were taken on paper plates and were popping up on my news feeds and my Google searches! It was funny because some of these vacation pictures look like they were taken at the Southfield community center or the local bingo Hall. Obviously, Carnival Cruise Lines does not serve food on paper plates, and I doubt very much that hotels in Dubai use high school-style track lighting in their ceilings.

I even had one associate who was selling ice cream to children but insisted on playing X-rated rap music and all of his videos with disgusting sexual lyrics. So when you type in the name Ted Cantu and THE WIN into Google, all this "wonderful" stuff would come up right next to my name. And it looked like I was running a sleazy yard sale instead of a first-class no B.S. promotion company. 

Remember what your brand is. It is not what you say it is, and it is always up to the perception of the OTHER person. To be frank, a brand is what other people say about you behind your back. If you need this further defined, I suggest you attend a brand camp workshop near you. I had to clean the house, and I had to throw out some elements that took away from my worth as a company.

We All-Con Ourselves At Some Levels

We all con ourselves at some point or another. That is just human nature. Every one of us has an ego. We may remember our past as a lot bigger or more influential than it REALLY was. And we all carry a certain percentage of overinflated self-worth than we want to admit. Over the years, I met people at business functions who say, "I put the millions back on the billions, baby, and I put the billions back in the millions. You know what I'm saying?"  And I had someone else tell me that "$770,000 means nothing to me, you know what I'm saying?". Of course, these are absurd statements. At the end of the day, you have to live with yourself and pay your own bills because I'm not doing it. And you want to tell me about your entourage and your boys who get things done and all this nonsense, and YET I still have to buy you a cup of coffee and a hot sandwich whenever we meet up on the street at impromptu meetings. You're wasting my time. 

I even find myself occasionally thinking about how great I had it when I had my art galleries, a gazillion friends, and tons of influence. Those were the days when I was getting in the newspaper or on the radio whenever I wanted. But was I really THAT influential?


See, I am guilty of doing this to a fault, too. Those were fun days, but it's important to keep things in perspective. I have to look at what I'm doing now and who I am influencing because I'm living in the now, and that's where I need to place all my attention. 

So, getting sloppy, letting everybody in, and not defining your audience reflects poorly on your brand. It got so bad that I needed to step in, clean, and church up my image because the stories that we tell are important; the stories we tell about ourselves influence others and become our persona.

It's OK to change your WHO. It's OK to clean the house. It's probably necessary if you want to return BACK to profits. People pleasing is a negative quality many of us hold on to because we fear upsetting other people in this age of social media. 

People Pleasing Is A Negative Quality - No -- Really

The new norm that every kid deserves a trophy is a catastrophic view on our new social media landscape. It doesn't hold up well and can backfire on your brand and business. The mere idea of one size fits all can take your brand down to a very wishy-washy environment. You have to set standards and define who you want to sell to.

And what do you know about people pleasing on a spiritual level? Did you know it is known as a negative spiritual entity? We are talking about this in the miracle mind shift. If you still need to go to that program, it is listed online with videos that help clean out your subconscious mind and electric energy field, which is something to consider. 

So, Change Your WHO

So, changing who you are is crucial because it defines who you want to sell to. Once I got through this process, something miraculous happened: the right people started to show up, and I began to regain my sense of influence from strangers. I even attracted people who wanted to know what was new and improved me from years ago. And it's OK to become new and improved. And it's OK to change who you are. Becoming defined by who you let in your local circles is OK. 

As of right now, I am still cleaning out my social media profiles. And I'm trying to see who I can best serve or who needs to move along so somebody else can serve them better. I don't look at this as a negative thing; it is a mandatory thing that needs to happen. Sometimes, on social media, we go down so many rattles and meet people who are supposed to be in our lives for only a short season. They are not meant to be lifers looking over your shoulder, judging you, and contributing nothing to your everyday business and cultural experience. 

So, am I a bad person? 

Now, when you do a Google search on me, you'll see that it's more business-oriented and has more case studies from real people and real clients. It is more about who I am as a person and really defines the real me and where I'm at at this very moment. 

Defining your WHO. Its okay to define your audience and sell to your demographic. Get to know your customer and your buyer. Stamford, South Norwalk, Greenwhich, New York, Long Island - TED CANTU THE WIN. SEO marketing and search engine optimization.


Ranking on Google Page 1 in 5 Days Norwalk CT| Ted Cantu THE WIN SEO | Hot Metro Finds Metro Detroit | Search Engine Optimization Norwalk, CT | Online Marketing For Real Estate Stamford, CT | Ted Cantu Fairfield County, SEO |page 1 Google Results - Top 10 South Norwalk

Getting Better SEO Results Is The Result Of Defining Your WHO

It is so important to figure out who you want to sell to. Whether you realize it or not, you are a MARKETING COMPANY FIRST. So often, it is too easy to relate only to our chosen profession and not even think of ourselves as a communication company. But we are in sales, and our sole focus is to make money. We serve ourselves BEST when we serve others. Only after we answer the questions of our prospects do we truly add value.

So, take the time to figure out who you want to serve. Get out a notebook and start jotting down what your company is really all about and who it is that will benefit the most from what you sell. At THE WIN SEO, we work in the real estate industry. We have the distinction of servicing people who are going through a divorce.

We even figured out what cities and towns we wanted to appear in on Google to take it to another level. The results are stellar, and we are coming up in the locations and counties we want to serve. This includes cities in the State of Michigan, including Royal Oak, Birmingham, West Bloomfield, and Utica, just to name a few. 

We are now taking this blueprint of success to real estate agents on the East Coast. The Win SEO is now appearing in South Norwalk, Stamford, Greenwich, and Fairfield County, Connecticut.

We're Coming Up On Google - Page 1

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