What Does Elegance Mean to the World of Today ?

What does elegance look like in today’s busy world? Are we too distracted to
notice and to let it into our lives? There is no doubt that touch of niceness can
make your whole world a much better place. We connect great brands, the right
people, products and create the best experiences to create great results from
Elegance By Design.

We seek out the best products that make life easier, more peaceful and create
life-changing standards in home and business environments. The result is
designed interiors with gorgeous and lush interior design. We bring out the inner
beauty trapped inside of you that needs to come out.

Elegance By Design is that unique feng shui offi ce that brings in the light and
encourages productivity and peace of mind. Elegance By Design is that incredible
feeling of walking into your home and fi nding your safe space. The soothing colors
and fabrics you choose for your home do matter. These choices that refl ect your
personality and style make a huge diff erence. When these are matched with the
right furniture and accessories, your life begins to make sense. Everything falls
into place.

Did you know you can eliminate your stress levels up to you 75% just by decluttering
your space and making it more functional? As a result, you can increase your
productivity and bring clarity to your living and your working environment. But that
is just the beginning.

Elegance By Design also is about showing up at the right place in the right way. It
is about choosing the right fl atware for your special occasion and matching it up
with the perfect plates. It is about choosing Frank Sinatra music during dinner over
some sampled multi dance track. It is all about candles placed into stylish silver
candlesticks and placed on a clean white table cloth during dinner. Elegance By
Design is about setting higher standards and living it.

All the very best,

Laura Ford Curdy
Elegance By Design and Interiors

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