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This was the punk band that got away. Back in the day I found this little album for $8 bucks at School Kids Records, “Milo Goes To College”.  I ended up loving the entire album and played it to death. I am pretty sure I eventually wore the damn thing out. I also loved, “Liveage” which was their live album and by the time I graduated college we had missed on another. I never got a chance to see this incredible punk band until the second day of Riot Fest Chicago.

These guys came on at 7:55PM. I was waiting for the, “Cock Sparrer” group to finish up their set but they kept milking it for – “Just one more song mates !!”. I thought they would never finish. By this time I couldn’t stand anymore I had to sit down. I had spent the rest of this day watching Wu Tang Clan, Paul Weller, (…yes he did some Jam classics) Television, and the Mighty Mighty Bosstones. After a brief introduction the Descendents made their way to the stage.

In honor of the 10th year of Riot Fest they would do a complete album. They did, “Milo Goes To College” in its entirety. Milo came out and did his famous lean / stance bellowing his words into the mic while addressing the crowd. They ripped right into the fast progressing bass line for, “Myage”. This brought back a lot of memories, most of them good, and I got the feeling that these guys weren’t going to take it easy on us either. By this time I sat near the back on some barely visible grass. The mud was intense. I almost lost my shoes two times and by this point I could see guys walking around shoeless.



The Descendents delivered and over delivered on the songs. Not only did they do a full round of, “Milo” as promised but they even did another entire extended sets of fan favorites including, “Coffee Mug”, “Clean Sheets”, “Get The Time”, “I’m The One”, “Silly Girl” and “Everything Sux”. This comes at a time when the Descendents released a documentary on their career. Seeing them is somewhat of a rarity. I could be wrong but I haven’t really heard about them touring in a while. I didn’t want to miss it. You could tell it was a special event for the fans and for the band. It was a happy reunion.

The Setlist

1.       Milo Goes To College – Myage

2.       I Wanna Be A Bear

3.       I’m Not A Loser

4.       Parents

5.       Tonyage

6.       M 16

7.       I’m Not A Punk

8.       Catalina

9.       Suburban Home

10.   Statue of Liberty

11.   Kabuki Girl

12.   Marriage

13.   Hope

14.   Bikeage

15.   Jean Is Dead

16.   The Classics and Fan Favorites – Everything Sux

17.   Silly Girl

18.   My Dad Sucks

19.   Rotting Out

20.   Coolidge

21.   I’m The One

22.   I Like Food

23.   Van

24.   Talking

25.   Weinerschnitzel / No! All!

26.   Clean Sheets

27.   Coffee Mug

28.   Get The Time

29.   I Don’t Want To Grow Up

30.   Thank You

31.   Descendents

A thirty one song set list man. This is ambitious and it was a gift to the fans more than anything. The Descendents shut down the Rise Stage for the night and they gave it their all. The fans went wild.






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