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Lose weight with hypnotherapy, and Hena Husain, Troy, Michigan
Strugging To Lose Weight?
Solution: Hypnotherapy

"Hypnotherapy helped me lose weight without the usual anxiety and stress. It helped me to start dieting and maintain the willpower to reach my weight goal."

Debbi H.,St. Clair Shores, Michigan

Stop Smoking With Hypnotherapy, Hena Husain, Troy, Michigan
Can't Stop Smoking?
Solution: Hypnosis

I used to smoke one and a half pack a day for 30 years and I stopped smoking without craving in a week. Thank you Hena.

Mary Joe, Livonia, Michigan

Depressed, Hypnotherapy is the answer, with Hena Husain, Troy, Michigan
Anxious or depressed?
Solution: Hypnotherapy

"Before I came here I was a mess; during our process together I became calmer and more confident. I was angst ridden no longer. You have shown me different methods to reduce anxiety."

Ruth Majewski

Balance For Life
Hypnotherapy in Michigan


Safe and Effective Hypnosis Treatment in Michigan
Hypnosis, while esoteric and often associated with stage magic shows, actually has a valid and beneficial use for personal transformation. It can be used to subconsciously improve a client’s attitudes, feelings, thoughts, responses and behaviors through a process called hypnotherapy.

Hypnosis has often been used to treat a myriad of issues including anxiety, habit disorders, irrational phobias, addiction, depression, and insomnia. You can even undergo hypnosis in Michigan in order to achieve your weight loss goals.

If you are seeking the assistance of a hypnotist in Michigan, come and visit Hena Husain’s Balance For Life hypnotherapy center. Allow a capable and certified hypnotist to address your deep-seated issues and help you confront your limitations. Hena offers specialized programs for stress management, smoking cessation, overcoming fears and phobias, and other customized therapies that help clients relax and achieve their wellness goals.

Rest assured that all hypnosis is self-hypnosis. No one can make you do anything that is contradictory to your system of beliefs.You are always in control and can come out of hypnosis at any time.



Hypnotherapy is a safe, affordable, and natural way to overcome your challenges!

Balance For Life has two convenient locations to serve you in Farmington and Sterling Heights.

Hena Husain, the founder and director of Balance For Life, is a Certified Hypnotherapist. She is also a Certified Instructor for the International Association of Counselors & Therapists and the International Medical & Dental Hypnotherapy Association.

Hena is dedicated to helping her clients achieve success. She will help you connect with your subconscious mind – the most powerful and empowering part of your brain. Her clients leave their hypnosis sessions feeling energized and peaceful.

Continue browsing our site to learn more about hypnosis and how it works. At Balance For Life, we are happy to answer your questions at any time!

How Hypnosis Works

Habits are deeply ingrained within the mind, and the comfort we get from food is no different. Hypnotherapy works to overcome this deeply-rooted mindset by reaching out to the subconscious. Just as clients formed poor eating habits, they can un-form habits through the power of the subconscious mind. Hypnotherapy helps align the client’s subconscious auto-pilot drive with their conscious healthy lifestyle goals. There are typically two approaches to this treatment:

Developing an aversion
Creating an alternative gratification
Sometimes, a combination of the two methods is used, depending on how a patient responds to the treatment.


To develop an aversion toward negative self-talk, the hypnotherapist first helps the patient relax. After settling into a deep trance, the hypnotherapist can advise the patient that fear-based thinking is unappealing. Eventually, the patient will learn to subconsciously avoid negative self-talk.


Just like Aversion, the hypnotherapist prompts a trance-like state upon the patient. After, the hypnotherapist can induce a feeling of gratification similar to the sensations felt when closing a big sale. Over the course of a series of sessions, the business success hypnotist can teach the patient to feel accomplished and confident. Notably, this approach is by far the more successful of the two in creating positive self-talk and strong confidence.

Sometimes, a combination of the two methods is used, depending on how a patient responds to the treatment.

Remove Roadblocks to Business Success
Manage stress, overcome fear, and boost self-confidence

Are you among the many who are afraid of failing? Are you up at night worrying about closing that big sale? Do you feel unmotivated to get up and get going in the morning? Hypnotherapy may be the answer for a more confident, charismatic, business successful you!

Call Now: 888-897-8857 (Anytime)

Business success isn’t always easy. There are many fears or obstacles to daily overcome and then combine that with all the outside pressures, it’s a wonder what does get accomplished. It takes an unshaken, positive belief in ourselves to succeed in business and not everyone can muster the strength of character to do so.

Fortunately, there is another way to gain that level of confidence, and BalanceForLife can help you through utilizing hypnotherapy. Hypnotherapy is a subtle method that can help business people overcome their anxiety to realize how successful they really are. If you feel powerless against your own negative talk and fear of failure, do not hesitate to approach our business success hypnotist to effectively stop this thought process through hypnotic suggestion.

Thoughts can be altered just as they were created. No self-talk is stronger than the power of your mind, which created it in the first place. Remember, hypnosis opens the door to the subconscious mind , and it is there you can make positive changes. We have Business Success programs in our Sterling Heights and Farmington Hills offices in Michigan.


The Benefits of Hypnotherapy

Benefits of Hypnotherapy, Hena Husain, Balance For Life, Troy, Michigan
The Benefits of Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy is not a complete cure for smoking. It is, however, a very versatile tool in helping individuals slowly overcome their addiction. It may not be an instantaneous method of treatment, but the progression made through hypnotherapy allows patients to comfortably ease themselves into a smoke-free lifestyle. It helps that hypnotherapy involves no drugs or medicine, allowing patients to cleanly overcome their habits.

If you need an alternative and clean method to quit smoking, come visit one of our Michigan locations and inquire about our hypnotherapy services. We are more than happy to help you overcome your struggles and encourage you to live a healthier, more empowered life.

Jan 09, 2022
15 Years of Holistic Service, Hypnotherapy, Balance For Life, Troy, Michigan
15 Years of Holistic Service

For more than a decade, Balance for Life has been providing holistic and natural options which help clients regain and achieve wellness. Through hypnotherapy, our clients have quit smoking, lost weight, controlled fear and phobias, and learned to effectively deal with stress. We also have programs that assist people on a social level, such as public speaking and business coaching sessions. Additionally, we offer pain management programs that help our clients maintain a good quality of life.At Balance for Life, we have multiple certifications which enable us to create an individualized plan for your specific condition and utilize a wide range of tools to reach your goals. Call us today at 888-897-8857 (Anytime) or visit our Contact page to learn more about our services.

Jan 09, 2022

Overcome Your Weight Struggle
…and keep it off for good!
Are your food cravings totally out of control?
Have you tried all kinds of diets with no success?
Do you continuously search for new ways to battle the bulge?
Hypnotherapy may be the answer for a healthier, slimmer you!"
Call Now: 888-897-8857 (Anytime)

Balance For Life
company founder

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Hypnotherapy, Balance For Life, Serving You For 15 Years, Troy, Michigan
Make The Change

At Balance for Life, we understand that the journey to weight loss can be long, challenging, and full of temptation. Deep-seated issues sometimes accompany problems in the process. You may feel guilty about the never-ending cycle of dieting and binging. Low self-esteem, stress, and insecurities often arise after trying to shed the pounds – again and again – but still ending in failure. As a qualified hypnotherapist, Hena can show you just how capable you are of losing and keeping the weight off.

At Balance for Life, we will help you achieve the following healthy changes:

Find the real secret to safe and permanent weight loss.
Develop a natural craving for fresh and healthy food.
Increase motivation to cultivate an active lifestyle and exercise regularly.
Discover how to take control of your cravings and appetite.
Control or stop emotional and binge eating.

Hypnotherapy, Troy, Michigan, Balance For Life
What Makes It So Effective

Proven to be one of the most effective weight loss methods, hypnosis will enable you to change your behavior toward food and improve your eating habits. Constantly craving pastries, bread, fries, and sweets? A qualified hypnotherapist can help you develop healthier eating habits by conditioning your subconscious to stop craving food that will only add to your weight.

With hypnosis, it is possible to alter your thought patterns and control your cravings in a way that does not make you feel deprived or depressed.

Our hypnotherapist can help you change the way you feel about what you eat through influential suggestion techniques. After leading you to a state of calm and relaxation, the hypnotherapist will introduce mental images and verbal repetition which increase your responsiveness to behavioral changes.

Balance For Life - Hena Husain - Sterling Heights, Michigan


Sterling Heights, Michigan


How will hypnosis benefit me?

A skillful, certified hypnotherapist can help you change your negatives into positives and improve attitudes, habits, and self-defeating thoughts. With hypnotherapy you can take charge of your life, relieve stress, develop creativity, improve in sports, overcome fears and phobias, improve study habits and alleviate anxiety.

In 1958, hypnosis was formally recognized by the American Medical Association and recommended to its members. Today, it is widely used for pain control, weight control, relaxation and imagery for wellness. In the dental field, it has proved successful in alleviating fear, anxiety and to relieve the symptoms of T.M.J.

Do insurance companies cover hypnosis?

90% of the time No. Flex spending account can be used to pay for it. It is tax deductible for smoking and weight loss.

What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a state of deep relaxation, heightened focus and hyper suggestibility.

Hypnotherapy is the art of utilizing this state to illicit positive change and improvement in behaviors and physical conditions.

A medical hypnotherapist has extensive training in the medical applications of hypnosis and writing hypnosis programs to effectively compliment standard medical procedures being used medical hypnotherapists often work closely with doctors and dentists to formulate specific programs.

A medical hypnotherapist has extensive training in the medical applications of hypnosis and writing hypnosis programs to effectively compliment standard medical procedures being used medical hypnotherapists often work closely with doctors and dentists to formulate specific programs.

Almost everyone can be hypnotized if they choose to. There are only four groups of people who cannot be hypnotized.

Very young children
People who are under the influence of alcohol
People who are severely mentally challenged
Those who don’t want to be

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