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DETROIT – A couple of years ago a book came out called, “Superconnector” and it was about how to meet people and create business opportunities. It came out at a time when social distancing didn’t exist. It came out at a time when going to meetings and Meetup groups was the every day norm. It also came at time when things like business breakfast functions, evening cocktails and other time gobbling activities was in fashion. That is no longer the case.

Since this pandemic took off business has sank thru the floor. Restaurants are closing their doors, and some for good, while others are selling whatever is inside of their walk in coolers like Big Boy. Then you have gurus on Facebook trying to hook you into complicated sales funnels, paid traffic, paid ads and other interruption forms of advertising. So do you really want to spend thousands a day on getting cold traffic to your websites or sales offers?

I’ll make this quick because there is no sense in dragging it out…. There are problems with marketing and sales right now in this age of panic. Many of the things that you think work no longer work.

  1. SOCIAL MEDIA IS LIMITED - If you are creating posts to attract followers and hoping to get business you could be spinning your wheels. Most social media accounts are not monitored by the business owners themselves and its often an intern who is managing it. You are better off making a cold call to that business or sending in a FAX.

  2. SOCIAL MEDIA IS ALSO LIMITED BY ITS VISIBILITY. The good old days of making posts and attracting a thousand likes are over. Everything has switched over to paid ads and traffic. Watch out for bots because that is the name of the game these days. Even the traffic you pay for can be faulty. This is another time waster.
    Your social media posts are not visible outside of your social network.
    So you can forget trying to get attention from Google.

In short, make sure you are not just entertaining yourself. This is a dangerous game to play with and it can be a very expensive one. You are better off making straight up web pages.


Know that Facebook owns Instagram and using both platforms to promote your business can be very limited. Both platforms has placed programs in place that limit your overall visibility. The end game here is that they want you to buy advertisements. We have not been able to grow our account and followers without buying ads of some kind. And Google does not see your progress or record it on their online search results.

Again, you are better making web pages from scratch.

Our web pages have not only stood the test of time. But we were surprised that many of them have held up for events that happened ten years ago. These were still ranked on page 1 of Google.

Businesses need to know that they do not have to do a thousand articles to get found on Google. They do not need to make multiple press releases or even create a campaign. To be honest, a lot of businesses that we worked with do not have enough stories to keep something like that viable for themselves or even for us. They just don’t have a lot to say.

And that is okay. You can still get a highly visible spot on Google by just doing a couple things.


  1. YOUTUBE – You have to be using Youtube to some degree. I would say between 10 to 25 videos would really set you solid. You may not have to do much more than that if you do a great job. If you tag your youtube material the right way you can get your company ranked high on the search engines. Better yet you can repurpose the video by using the source code and then stick them into your web pages, blog posts, and other highly visible places on the web.

  2. WEB PAGES – Create a combination of mobile pages, HTML5 pages, and use SCHEMA code to create real online visibility. I would suggest sticking with these formats so you can put in the right kinds of code about your business. Be as topical as possible. So for example. If you run a dentistry, create a page for every profit center of your practice, and make sure it is attached to the town you want to be found in. So if you are doing partials and bridges it would be…. Partials and Bridges + Your Town, USA. You will have to be real obvious about it and connect it to your other online media. These pages, if done correctly, will not come down.

  3. SOCIAL MEDIA – Avoid spending a lot of time with social media. You should be building your media off of social media sites. Refer to social media only when you want to post of your websites or videos. Do not build solely on social media and try to gain a following. It is over saturated with people and the media that you create will continually get pushed down the feed. From there it is literally invisible and will not be ranked on Google.

Google maps and using the 3 pack is a great way to get in front of the competition. But you are still going to be competing in the competition. You are still going to be playing crabs in a bucket when you get into this arena.

This will not take care of all of your problems. You still have to build relationships with your audience and still have to gain a following. There are software programs you can buy to help you with this.


Getting clear on what you want to create is very important. Some of your followers will respond well with a text message, and some will respond better with email. Get to know your audience and who will respond better with what. If you can possibly get their cell phone number this will be a great way to stay in contact. If you get enough of these numbers you will need some sort of contact delivery system. Then you can get a service to help you manage it.

You can use something like:

A Word On Bots and Bot Software

DO NOT USE BOTS – This is a very insincere way to build business and because people by nature are either afraid of sales or do not like to interact without the fourth wall, (computer screen) the bot technology is being overused. This is getting saturated very quickly and I have had to block bot people on my LinkedIn and will not do business with them.

This is a very good technology if used correctly but I am seeing this overused. Right now, you want to contact and interact with real live breathing people. It is something to look at in the future and you should keep every new technology on a short leash. For now, stick with things that work well.


We created something that connects you to businesses right now. We have stumbled into a very unique formula of web page building and our media has stood the test of time. Just a few years ago we were covering some live music events in Chicago at Riot Fest and our pages have stood up and ranked on Google page 1. These have been there for years, (back in 2014) and have not come down. They were intricate in design in the sense that they had the right parts in place. These were not pre-scripted pages out of a box but ones that we created from scratch.

We are going to do the same thing for local business, (local businesses work the best) and then we connect them to their best referral sources. So if you own that dentistry and you want to connect to more kids. It would make sense for you to connect to more businesses with children in them such as schools or day cares.

This formula can work for any B-B situation and it works great for restaurants, gyms, yoga centers and even real estate. We are expanding this idea across the board and the best part about it is that its FREE.

We are taking on businesses and helping them connect to one another at no charge. We do have 20 paid spots available at any given time and those will fluctuate from week to week. The reason why we do not take everyone on as a client is because some businesses do not have enough material to write about. You would be surprised but there are some businesses that just don’t have a lot to say on the web. And that is okay. For those we simply connect them to the best online traffic sources and carry on. This is a good fit for everyone.

What we ask for in return is to send us 2 businesses who could benefit from what we do. That’s it, that is all you do, and we will do the rest. What you can expect from us is the following:

1. PAGE ONE ON GOOGLE – We can place your business on page one of Google using Youtube. (this is $175 in value)

2. CONNECT YOU TO ONLINE TRAFFIC SOURCES – We will connect your business to the best online referral traffic. You will be on a first name basis with these people and best your media will not be hidden in some social media feed. ( this is $375 in value)

You can build on this as much as you like. There are no clubs to join, and no annual fees. We are in business to connect business and to make your life easier. You do not have to meet with us in person and everything can be done right over the phone.

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