What kind of client experience are you trying to create? What separates your brand from being genuinely remarkable? Remember, a unique brand is not just a logo or a tagline; it's the essence of your business that sets you apart in the market and attracts the right audience. A unique brand is one that is distinct, memorable, and authentic. It's about understanding your unique value proposition and communicating it effectively to your audience. Grabbing this opportunity is your shining moment to take control and empower your business. 

Many companies promoting themselves online need to take the time to create this distinction. However, building a great company helps you distinguish what type of audience you want to attract. By delivering exceptional client experiences, you can confidently attract the right audience, leading to significant growth and success. This approach not only saves you time by avoiding dealing with prospects who are not the right fit but also instills a sense of optimism about your business's potential.

Rule Number One: Establish A Strategically Sound Vision 

Establish your position in your marketplace by figuring out what kind of company you want to create. A clear and focused vision of what you want to make is most important when attracting your audience. This strategic planning is often overlooked, but it's a powerful tool that can significantly impact your audience's engagement with your brand. 

You need to create a vision and communicate why your business needs to be the ideal choice. It would help if you conveyed why anyone should do business with your company. People need help seeing why it's unique. To truly stand out, you have to relate to your customers and see how it fits into the big picture of their lives. This is even more important when dealing with a commodity business, which is an industry where products or services are similar across different providers. In such industries, you're just a drop in the ocean. You want to stand out, establish success principles, and show prospects why doing business with only you is essential. 

We have to create an experience at every stage of the business transaction. This will separate us from being genuinely remarkable as opposed to a vendor who wants to make sales. Our lives are full of many moments that could be categorized as unremarkable, such as waiting in line or dealing with automated customer service. When we engage with our clients, it is an opportunity to not only solve their problems but also create a unique, life-changing experience. This customer-centric approach is a powerful tool for brand differentiation.  

Sales copy can make all the difference when communicating this message. To get the kind of clients you want, you have to remember to become a writer and a storyteller. People buy from inspiring stories, including the art of mind capture. Something powerful happens when you grab people's imagination and show them possibilities. This can be a transformative experience for your audience, sparking their curiosity and engagement. 

So, what kind of clients are going to do it for you? How do you transform your written words into the growth, results-driven business you want to aspire to? You begin with the vision and craft a story using words and positioning your strategic desire to repave the road. This is about reestablishing yourself as the master of your industry and how you can become a solutions provider for your prospects. 

This is no time for weakness, and when it comes to generating new sales in business, you have to keep your eye on the transformation that is just around the corner. The most important thing to remember here is that you can't sell to everyone, and that's okay because everyone is not your customer. You will find that rejection is your friend and your best teacher, helping you narrow down the obstacles preventing you from getting what you want. 

Most companies have a simple trait phrase saying we treat your business like family. I see this repeatedly. I disagree with such a Detroit statement because it is lofty, lacks heart, and says nothing about you as a service provider. 

What sets genuinely great companies apart is service delivery through a series of systems that create memories and a truly engaging experience. We must remember that people buy on intense emotions, so making your prospects feel something is essential. Creating the big idea with words will generate sales and lead you to the finishing line and the closing table. 

Googles New Algorithm And What They Really Want


Google changes this algorithm quite frequently, and you've seen this happen in the past with Pirate, Penguin, and Hummingbird. Now, with this new generation of AI-generated sales copy, you must agree that it needs more heart. This new type of sales copy speaks to bots and not necessarily human readers. So, I am looking for original content of all varieties with a human touch. Sales copy has never had a bigger platform than today as the number one needed resource for your business to make you stand out and get you at the top of the search engines. 

All the new clients that we are attaining have everything to do with writing content that speaks to the human reader. This is not just a belief, but a proven strategy. We are talking about sales copy and web content that is heavily laced with semantics. This is why our web media ranks on the page when I Google it in just five days. It is an incredible blend of original written content and creative direction, and it is not derivative or AI-generated. This strategy can significantly boost your SEO and brand positioning, inspiring you to create unique, human-focused content that truly sets you apart. 

In the past, many hokey devices, such as article spinners and content scramblers, have been designed to spit out new web pages and articles to get to the top of Google. These tools, while promising quick results, often produce low-quality, repetitive content that is not reader-friendly. However, the vendors who service this market need more care or concern about crafting an OK message that Google will be interested in. This content is often considered spam glo,ssed over, and rejected. I'm playing around with his gimmicky devices, which is a great way to get your web domain banned or blocked. 

The Constant Need For New Stories

Every day, I am slightly astonished at my Google app because it is filled with a non-stop parade of endless stories about things that happened 50 years ago. Every day, I become saturated with stories of cultural icons such as the Rolling Stones, The Beatles, old TV shows, and movie actors. But these stories are actually from minor chapters of their lives, filled with insightful, unimportant tidbits of info that don't change my daily experience in one way or another. Social media is the same way, and I see this continually day in day out on this endless track of useless information. All this info rarely inspires me and doesn't make me care about anything other than being a know-it-all. 

This leaves the playing field wide open for your company. So why not create a culture, deliver a world-class experience, and propel your company to legendary status? People purchase things through stories, and we are a story-driven culture. Yet, as I write this, it is incredible to notice the number of companies that don't participate on this level. The public is starving for new experiences and stories to tell. When we deliver original and dynamic news stories to the public, they travel quickly, and Google is our giant supporter to get this information out in front of the people at a record-breaking pace. 

SEO Speed At The WIN Just Hits Different

Our stories and search engine optimization, when they are combined, do incredible things. We can take our real estate clients from a no visibility status and quickly rank them on Google in the cities of their choice. We can do our brand new real estate online marketing web pages on the first pages of Google in just a record-breaking five days. We attribute that to intelligent coding and timely writing, but primarily its the original content that makes people think. And when we want to command action, we continue to inspire them with more original, thought-provoking sales copy. 

What eventually happens to a brand that continues to innovate? They deliver content at a high level and soon begin to dominate their space online. When you create innovative ideas and build a great salescopy online, you start to dominate the industry in the location of your choice. This is where the magic happens today. We are delivering efficiency for less than the price of a postage stamp and creating long-term success on search engines at a high-ranking level. It may sound impossible to someone who has never been at this level of success, but I'll tell you, it is an exhilarating experience. 

This means we're committed to delivering results and not just a means to a financial goal. We are treating our vision, whatever we think we can provide, as a physical reality. That puts us in a powerful position where we can boldly proclaim our self-importance and stand in front of our prospects. 

And this is what we do at The Win.