In Search Of Straight Up Upscale Cuisine Without The Tip
One Of My Favorite Hideaways


I’m a social guy but sometimes I just want the food without the lip service. I want high end food without having to fool around with sitting down and interacting with a server or waitress five times throughout my meal. I know that sounds petty but just go with me for a second….  When I want high end eats I usually trek down to Plum’s Market on Orchard Lake Rd. in West Bloomfield, MI.

You got about 4 major food stations that have just about everything an up and coming gourmand could ever want or drool over. Zingerman’s Deli has an incredible Rueben Sandwhich Menu with at least 5 different varieties. 


1. Vegetarian Reuben – This has farm fresh cheese, crunchy bread, sauerkraut, cole slaw and Russian dressing. The presentation is tremendous and when you get it you don’t even miss the meat. It’s very filling and it is just as big as its other cousins.

2.  The Classic Zingerman’s Reuben Sandwhich – Now this has everything the vegetarian does with the addition of Sy Ginsberg’s famous corned beef. You have had Reuben sandwiches before in deli’s and diners but you have never had this over the top version. Trust me, I am a Reuben aficionado and I have had them up and down the East Coast and in NYC in such famous places as the Stage Deli and the Carnegie Deli and this is THE ONE you must try.  If that isn’t an endorsement I even put a picture of it on here for you so you can see it for yourself !!  Trust me, it is over the top awesome.

3. The Brooklyn Reuben – You can do this with pastrami for a new take on this classic beast. I have had this with pumpernickel and this compliments the ingredients and gives it a different character. The experience of eating this is always over way too fast. I am a fan of all the varieties that Zingerman’s makes I am not going to lie to you but there is a special place in my heart for the Brooklyn Reuben version of the Reuben sandwich.

4. The Georgia Reuben – Try this landmark sandwich with white turkey breast for a different spin. Chances are you will become a big of a fan of this one too. It’s good to switch it up once in a while and this one puts a new dimension  on the sandwiches stature and elevates your tastebuds.


I usually grab something to go with this from the expansive salad bar. There are way too many good choices here and picking just one is a real challenge. The longer I hang around the more I tend to grab. You cannot go wrong with the coleslaw here or the bowtie pasta salad. This comes down to a matter of choice or the time of the year. If the weather is cold you can go for one of the fantastic homemade soups. If it is a nice breezy day you may want to go for one of the cold salads like the lemon couscous or the dolmas.

I grabbed a big bag of my favorite Cheddar Beer Kettle chips because they have a significant crunch. They not only have a great bite but they compliment the worlds perfect sandwich like nothing else. I usually grab something cold and bubbly here too. The idea is to grab something without a whole lot of sugar in it. In this case I grabbed a grapefruit Perrier which can be found ice cold in the long aisle wide cooler.

And there you have it… my ideal $20 lunch. No tip. Just simple… gourmet … no fuss.

I breeze in, I breeze out – no big deal.

Plum Market
 6565 Orchard Lake Rd, 
West Bloomfield Township, MI 48322

Phone: (248) 626-7000



EL NIBBLE NOOK: South of the Border Gets A Little Serious

What do you get when you cross a Mexican restaurant and some of the best salsa around? Plus add to the fact that this place is basically hidden and never really that crowded. It’s Paradise on Earth essentially. Now, let me tell you about this place before I get into the delicious food. This place is always cool inside during the hot and scorching Summer days. You can always get a kicked up cold drink and the chips and salsa is quite frankly, the best I’ve had locally in West Bloomfield, MI.

We got good places to eat around here – there can be no doubt about it. But El Nibble Nook, ( in English I think it stands for… the Nibble Nook – hehe) is on par. Let me tell you what I like about the menu. They have this Seafood Chowder there that is second to none. I gotta tell you this stuff is so legendary in my heart that I ask for it every time I go there. In all the reviews you see on the web nobody even talks that much about it. If you like fresh seafood in a rich creamy chowder with potatoes and personality – this is the one for you.

  Artistic Decor: Interesting side note - I went to art school with Chris Dean from Detroit !!

Here is the official description from the menu --- You will want to ask for the Mexicali Chowder.  It is a creamy shrimp, corn, and potato chowder loaded with vegetables and garnished with chopped green onion. Hey and if seafood isn’t your thing don’t worry about it. Their chili is very awesome-a-liciouso too and it’s got just the right amount of kick to it. For my vegetarian friends out there you will want to go with the black bean soup and it will knock your socks off.

I like to pop in here once in a while. This time I grabbed the beef enchiladas and they were off the chain. There is a lot of attention to detail here and the service is always friendly. The portions are just right and the enchilada sauce is very distinctive and is spiced just right. There wasn’t a whole lot of flavors competing with one another. Everything felt balanced and proportioned properly.

This is also a great place to watch the game. Here is the address. 

El Nibble Nook
2750 Haggerty Rd, 
West Bloomfield, MI

Here is the Livonia location:

El Nibble Nook
27725 8 Mile Rd, 
Livonia, MI, 48152


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