CHICAGO SUMMER OF ROCK: The Metro Opens Its Doors To New Sounds

THE CHICAGO SUMMER OF ROCK: The Metro Opens The Doors To
New Sounds
CHICAGO, IL – If I keep on talking about the old days I am going to implode…. Ah the long nights, the senseless Detroit nights talking about the same bands. I already tipped over once, I think they call it depression…. And as I write this I am reading about a Bruce Springsteen Tribute Band as the sun goes down in another beautiful Saturday afternoon……Then, I catch the news about Deer Tick – an explosive new sound from RHODE ISLAND – and some other great vibrations shooting off another rising band called The Moons in the UK – and I smile to myself. I just might make it after all. Catching the new acts was always tricky. Back in the old days you had to stay up late on Sunday nights and catch MTV after the regular programming hours to see what was hip and happening. We would get some insight from IRS Records, “The Cutting Edge” and then you can try to grab the latest from Canadian radio at 4 in the morning. You had to be tenacious too man. Today you have to have those same type of mad skills. Patience above all is the most important virtue. There is a good chance you will never hear what is happening on the radio.

The set list on Detroit is …. Well…. Hilarious. I just heard some tracks from the Stone Temple Pilots, Pearl Jam and these were the same songs that were on the 1993 rotation. If this keeps up I am going to seriously slip away into infinite madness.

But enough of all that….. Onto the bands…..


DEER TICK – They have been around since 2004 – and hail from Providence. They got a loud jangly presence and have something very familiar about them. I can almost hear Paul Westerberg in there but isn’t he almost everywhere? There is a honest, driving beat and a deep jarring sensibility that grabs your soul and shakes it. The video is great too with all of the hoopla and fireworks. Kudos to the prop department and the visuals really compliment what’s happening on the video.
Forget hearing these guys on the radio. You will have to do your own searching on the web and hopefully catch them at the Metro in Chicago for an upcoming gig. There will be some catchy guitar songs in there that will remind you some B grade country band… only this is good. I do believe this is also good for the soul because after they get done shaking it to pieces they take the time to put it all back together and again. And that’s nice.


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See them all here


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