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26 October, 2014

HOT METRO FINDS: There’s A Customer Born Every Minute – PT Barnum – Joe Vitale

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PT BARNUM – “Oh you mean the Circus guy from over a 100 years ago?” — “Yeah… the circus guy”. PT Barnum was more than just a circus guy he was a freakin’ genius. He was a student of people. He studied their reactions, how they bought, why they purchased things, and what made them tick. The good news for you Mr. Entrepreneur business guy is that people really haven’t changed all that much from a 100 years ago. That is good for you and that is good for your business. But you do have to know what makes them function.

This book has been through several printings and it is not always easy to find. Joe Vitale is the self improvement gurus that has brought a lot of really cool things to the market including Ho opo pono — the ancient Hawaiian spiritual practice, laws of attraction principles and higher energetic energies. That stuff is all essential and you should be reading it because it is powerful stuff. But lets get back to P.T. Barnum.

The guy knew how to brand himself. A lot of his work is out of print and you will have to dig around the web to get bits and pieces of it. When and if you do find it beware because it was written a 100 years ago and the language can be tricky. You might be bored with it and just go, “So what”. You will get lost in the vernacular but don’t get discouraged. What Vitale did for us in this edition was give the teachings a fresh coat of paint and modernized it for the rest of us.

The lessons come in something called, “The 10 Rings of Power” and they are important. Barnum figured out how to use publicity to get what he wanted from the major media. He did this so he could address the people. A lot of what he did was to get headilnes from major newspaper. The antics he pulled are illustrated one after another. Many of these could still work today. Your job is to modernize them and see if you could use them for your business.

One was making his building look as gaudy as possible. He had a museum in New York City in the 1800’s and to make it stand out he placed a bunch of American flags on the rooftop. He also had projections from inside the building that made the windows glow at night. This building was always the center of attention. He had an interesting way to get people to his building too involving a guy who served as a mime and some bricks. The mime would walk around the neighborhood picking up and replacing bricks that had been placed in a circle parameter around the building. People would follow the mime back to the museum. The cops had to break up the crowd because this attracted too many people.

These great showman would do amazing stunts with the public.  Some of Barnums contemporaries would even stage their own deaths in the paper only to return magically back to life 6 months later. This would even attract more business. The lesson here was that, “Everyone would be better off being dead for 6  months”.

The famous escape artist, Harry Houdini, was actually a student of Barnum’s and studied him extensively. He would take his basic concepts and then construct an advertising / promotion campaign based on the work of P.T. Barnum. 

The title of the book is based on something Barnum once said and the correct phrase is, “There’s A Sucker Born Every Minute”.  That is not a very nice phrase but that is a world famous statement.

Get this book it will change the way you look at your business. It will also open up other possibilities with your campaign and how you view your customers.

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