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19 October, 2014

HOT METRO FINDS: Black Joe Lewis – The Hipster

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WHO CAN SAY NO TO BLACK JOE LEWIS?  Meanwhile there is somebody in Michigan going, “Who The F*** Is Black Joe Lewis?” and then I have stand up and tell them and bring them up to speed with the 21st Century. To put it simply and to put it kindly, Black Joe Lewis is the shit. The Honey Bears aren’t half bad either. This stuff is DA BOMB.

They also kicked off Riot Fest 2014 and I was there in the first row so that makes me something of an authority on Black Joe Lewis. Nothing trumps experience man. These guys are really laying it down. They hail from Austin, Texas so they know a thing or two about cool music and how to deliver it. I wasn’t expecting this funky R&B type of thing with the horns and James Brown overtones. When it comes to throwing your heart and soul out there this guy does it.

This is THE HIPSTER…. and you can’t just play it once. It commands another listen right after you get done playing it. I usually end up playing it about 4X in one listen. Some songs will do that to you.

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