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8 September, 2014

HOT METRO FINDS: The Replacements Return To 30 Rock – NYC – Tonight Show

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THE REPLACEMENTS RETURN – and just in time. This comes just days after attention starved Gene Simmons blurted out his latest gripe-fest about the “Death of Rock”.  The Replacements are in the news this week. They have been invited to come back to New York at 30 Rock and play once more. They were famously kicked out for life in 1986 for playing drunk on stage on Saturday Night Live.

Back in 1986 The Replacements were the real deal and were about as reckless as they came. They were on the cusp of being the next great rock and roll band of all time. I really do believe that. I know Rolling Stone Magazine liked them. I remember reading some really nice heartfelt reviews on, “Let It Be” as it was a great album. The Replacements rolled the dice and were put on Saturday Night Live along with Sam Kinison where they played drunk and got themselves banned for life.

Not only did they get themselves banned from SNL but they were also banned from 30 Rock. According to the late Bob Stinson they were given a big supply of booze and a limousine and in his own words they, “Went to town”. If you know what that means it the Replacement terms it means they got completely out of their heads. If you ever heard the rare covers they did of Robyn Hitchcock and REM and the Rolling Stones they could get pretty sloppy. Yet in all that chaos was the heart of real rock and roll music. Call it punk… call it thrash… call it bar band…whatever you want…. it sure is interesting stuff.

The Replacements rarely took it slow but when they did they exposed a lot of heart there. I think they were the greatest thing that era had to offer. As Alternative music began to take shape in 1988 they were sort of passed by commercially by INXS, REM, Janes Addiction and so many others. By the early 90’s it was pretty much over. Sometimes I think if they could have only kept it together in 1986 and on Saturday Night Live they could have changed music and kept it fun. I don’t know about you but we could have used them in the 2000’s. A lot of pop music took a serious nose dive.

Like it or not they are the next wave of classic rock. They know it. Hell, they even dress like the Kinks at times and their hair is near rock star great ala Rolling Stones with a bit of Keith and a bit of Ron Wood. They are clowns too. Tommy Stinson is always delivering his loud rock hooks with a smile. Paul Westerberg always has a trick up his sleeve and sometimes it is combination of a loud wail and an ear piercing howl.

They’re never boring.

Welcome back boys.


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