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7 September, 2014

HOT METRO FINDS: The Grizzled Mighty – Riot Fest

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I know all the comparisons – I’ve been reading everything from The White Stripes to the Black Keys and even nods to John Bonham. People are yelling at each other with names like, “Douchebag !!”  “Hipster !!”  — and I say, shut up and ROCK already. These guys are playing at this years Riot Fest in Chicago and I think they sound fantastic. There is a a heavy bass sound and it might be really easy to write them off with some easy category but then I think you’d be missing it.

There is some serious depth going on here and you can really catch it in this performance. Some of these tracks really build on strong bass lines and a progressive musical climb. Its not just thrash thrash thrash — pound pound pound….

Oh wait, before I forget these guys play on Day 2 at the Chicago Riot Fest.

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