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24 August, 2014

Why Detroit Is More Punk Than L.A. And New York Put Together!

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Detroit, Michigan – Who is more punk – Los Angeles, or New York?  Does it really matter? I am referring to a ridiculous feud that is going on with the L.A. Weekly and the Village Voice about who is more – “Punk”. Or I should say – “Who Was More Punk” because that whole thing has been put to bed around sometime in 1977. Sure we got alternative bands now with punk-ish like influences but it’s not the same thing as the original punk movement.

The rants get pretty funny with mentions of Jim Morrison from the Doors, (not a punk… but a drunk) who died at the age of 27, to the defense of Lou Reed. We love Lou here at Hot Metro Finds and our articles reflect that but this whole fight thing gets pretty juicy. It also get funny too when I read stuff on my newsfeed how the Village Voice nominated Eddie Van Halen one of the top ten douchiest guitarist of all time. We clearly have a bunch of ill mannered school kids running amok in our Ameican news rooms.

We all suffer for it. Dearly.

Both of these scenes had their moments in the sun. The UK was left out of the equation and that would be, “HOLIDAYS IN THE SUN” courtesy of the Sex Pistols. Actually the term, “PUNK” came from the UK pop culture revolt in 1976 and was the culmination of unemployment, a garbage strike and other social ills. PR impresario Malcom McLaren was behind the publicity machine that the UK press dubbed, “Punk”. So now it had a name and it now had a face. Journalists at the time swear the movement died the second The Clash signed up with CBS records. As for the Sex Pistols, well they went down in flames in a horrible swirl of drugs, murder and suicide. It’s an interesting tale.

Now before you write me off as a douche read the rest of the article chicken little…..
Why Detroit Is More Punk Rock Than NYC, and Los Angeles

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