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22 August, 2014

HOT METRO FINDS: The Return Of The Libertines 2014

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Man, I’m so glad this happened I am jumping up and clicking my heels. The Libertines were pretty much written off the map thanks to jail sentences, drug charges, drama and court cases. Even with bouts of depression and break ups, (Pete Doherty and Kate Moss called the wedding off) the show must go on. Now that is pretty selfish from the fans point of views right? But this is not just some band…. ITS THE BLOODY LIBERTINES !!! And I demand an encore !!!!

This is the most exciting thing that’s come along in music in years. Seeing them on stage bashing out their hits is a blessing to me as it is to you. The recent show in Hyde Park in the UK has spurned off more shows in London and the fans are going manic. There were reports of fans knocking down fences and barricades to get near the band

I can only hope for two things – either they come over here to the USA or I will end up going to England and see them for myself.

For more on the epic Libertines reunion log onto Hot Metro Finds

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