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22 August, 2014

Ted Cantu Hot Metro Finds Presents – THE BOOZE

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Part of the beauty of not having to deal with a bunch of stuffed shirt investors is that we can do what we want. I am not going to be hauled off to the HR office to, “Please Explain Thyself?” in front of a bunch of lackluster dimwits about what I think is cool or not. No late night meetings and no late nights period unless I want one. With that kind of freedom I am allowed to do what comes naturally. For me, that is finding cool things to write about – and that’s how I found… THE BOOZE !!

If they were from Chicago they would be called, DA BOOZE. Either way they will rock your socks off. Although I have been informed that this band is no longer together they are still interesting to say the least…. FO SHO.

We will be bringing you updates on the boys from Atlanta and any other acts that tickle our fancy.

This is a band review. Detroit journalists take note – we found these guys…. Not you. So we will take the credit thank you. The other thing is this band won’t be of any interest to you. Our Detroit radio stations have not changed their playlists in the last 20 years so they should just stick with and report about the things that they know best. And that is…. and in no particular order…. Embezzling public school systems, road construction and detour information, and Michigan’s never ending source of unemployment woes.

Leave the important stuff to us.

I’m going to take you Michigan journalists back to school now with the Echo and the Bunnymen – Killing Moon song history and show you how you missed the boat.


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