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Nina Friday and the Ruiners ROCK Good Night Gracies in Ann Arbor

“Nina Friday is just hypnotic – once she starts to shake to the thundering drums you know you’re getting exactly what you paid for. The Ruiners is one exciting act to watch!”  Ted Cantu, Metro Detroit

Rick Ruiner ROCKS Hot Metro Finds, Detroit, Michigan ROCK MUSIC LIVE
“This is more than just a Psychotronic rush – In an age where we are bombarded with consistent FM post grunge rip
offs – The Ruiners bring a refreshing surge of electronic, edgy, power pumping, fist driving energy. These guys will dance on your raw nerve endings… and it feels great!”
The Ruiners join Ted Cantu and Hot Metro Finds, in Metro Detroit, Michigan


Official Ruiners Site

Metro Detroit, Michigan


Get the full schedule for the Ruiners at their official location.
Grab all of the upcoming show information - Shows coming soon to
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Good Night Gracies, Ann Arbor, MI

I first laid eyes on this band 1 year ago in downtown Detroit. It was a night of angst bands trying to beat the hands of time. I was on my fourth beer wondering what was going to happen next when there was a quiet hush in the room. Liz Ruiner caught my eye first. She was the only one who was smiling in the entire club. It was a mischievous grin and this made me nervous….. Singer Rick Ruiner was right behind her and started to wail into the mic. Within seconds, he had set his leather pants on fire with lighter fluid to the pulsating sounds of real rock music.

The Ruiners not only saved my night but they saved the weekend!

Here they are in our DETROIT ROCK REVIEW. We caught up with the band at Good Night Gracies in Ann Arbor, Michigan. They performed some powerful Earth shattering sounds and we captured it on video – just for you!

We got more footage of the RUINERS right here......

Also check out opening band.. LAWN CARE, recorded LIVE UNCENSORED at Good Night Gracies, Ann Arbor, MI
Check out LAWN CARE IN CONCERT and their Special TRIBUTE to Rock Icon BILLY JOEL....

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MARCH 5, 2010

REVIVED ROCK ENERGY LIVES! Just in time for Spring, it’s the revitalized sound of edgy rock with a purpose. That’s right. The Ruiners have resurfaced just in time to save you kids from getting bored out of your skulls with corporate rock radio! Rick Ruiner is more than a Motor City Rock icon. He is ROCK’S LIVING SAVIOR. Not only is he welcomed. He is definitely needed.

I remember being bored with rock radio for about 20 years. Even when I moved to New York City and had to endure endless hours of Howard Stern and KROQ I was a sad man. Rock music had been reduced to angry metal meets rap. Sometimes those two unlikely combinations would be kissed with a dose of country sending me into a rage of confusion and nausea.

When I laid eyes on Rick Ruiner and Liz Ruiner I knew I had stumbled across something exciting. Nina Friday takes this band to another level. What happens next is pure excitement. I cannot thank these guys enough for getting their act together and hitting the stage. Now I want to recommend this band profoundly to anyone who have never seen them perform live. Rick will not only come dressed to kill. But if prodded he will actually pour lighter fluid on his leather jeans and light himself on fire! Then without any kind of warning he will throw himself into a nervous fit of extreme post punk energy and assault the crowd with swagger and style.

Interesting note. I heard a great story about Rick. One night he didn’t light himself on fire but instead opted for a monkey mask, a toy pistol and a sack of Wendy’s burgers. He threw the burgers at the audience members and pulled out the toy gun and aimed it into the crowd while wearing the monkey mask and that my dear ones….

That’s Entertainment.

The Ruiners rock the MOTOR CITY - Ted Cantu shows you the REAL DETROIT ROCK SCENE

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