"Surrealism Has Never Looked So Darn Good... Whimsy and Style Merge Together and Creates NEW LOOK"

James BrownEagle Niemi Part 1

Tracey Vitkay Interviews: Part 2


Ted Cantu Wraps It UP: Part 3

James BrownEagle Niemi - at the Detroit Opera House - October - 2009

James BrownEagle Niemi Joins Ted Cantu in the Detroit Art SceneJames Brown Eagle Niemi and
Tracey Vitkay are your hosts at
the U of M - ART LOUNGE - art
opening. James is bringing
Surrealism Back.. in a BIG WAY.

He throws us a bone too regarding
Zebula Avenue the red hot World
Beat Band out of Metro Detroit .


Found at:
U of M Student Union Art Lounge

Ann Arbor, Michigan

James BrownEagle Niemi is in the spotlight. We review a 20 piece show at the prestigious U of M Art Lounge. We get into the mind of one of the fastest up and coming underground artists in Metro Detroit. We talk art and music with the leader of Zebulah Avenue.  This band was voted one of Metro Detroit’s best bands and is going up for another award. Tracey Vitkay, interviews James and gets into the inner workings of a great Detroit artist.



James BrownEagle Niemi – Urban Surrealist
Ann Arbor, Michigan

I ran into James BrownEagle Niemi at a fashion party held by the ultra hep, Laura Deljanin. We were both fumbling over a tray of gourmet meatballs checking out the local models at Metals in Time. James and I struck up a conversation and I was impressed with his art and music background. This guy could wail on the guitar and whip out a mean canvas. I knew then I was interested…

Since that brief introduction James has emerged onto the art scene with a vengeance. This guy can cook. In a few short months since I met him he has travelled throughout Metro Detroit cutting new grooves, creating stellar art shows and dazzling the crowd with his artistry. A surrealist at heart, James also displays some affection for comedy which is what I really dig about him. We can get serious but we can also crack a few jokes now and then.

This series captures some of that on screen magic. Keep in mind that none of this is scripted. Art maven, Tracey Vitkay delivers some introspective questions about James and keeps him on his toes. This piece really moves. The age of Surrealism is enhanced due to the fact that Salvadore Dali was reported to have delivered a presentation right upstairs from where James BrownEagle’s show was being held in 1929. Now here we are almost 100 years later and we are there when Surrealism is making a dramatic comeback.

You won’t read about it in a magazine… but you will get it here, with video – unscripted, uncensored – the REAL DETROIT ART SCENE – live and personal with James Brown Eagle Niemi, and Tracey Vitkay.


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