Delving Deep Into Manifestation And Getting Results

Detroit, MI – We live in a chaotic world. Trouble seems to creep up in various forms ranging anywhere from financial problems, epidemics, and health conditions. We eat processed food, battle with pills and substances, and bicker within our own families. We tip toe through the mine field and hope for the best. Wouldn’t it be great to tap into your own power and internal resources? Wouldn’t it be a relief to know that you could resolve your own conflicts around you and bring an abundance of peace and prosperity? It would be your own super power that you could hold onto and use whenever you wanted.

I never used to believe in the “force”. I was schooled in a way that discounted miracles as a thing of the past. Worse, I was told that those types of things do not happen to ordinary people. I was even told that God does not show himself like that in our modern age. Wow, the stuff people used to feed me. I was obedient to my elders and I just took my lumps I somehow made it into adulthood despite many horrible misadventures and I even escaped death on a few occasions. It was my faith that kept me together. I had a deliberate belief in the Divine and held that close to my heart.


Everyone carries a vibrational field. It is a combination of the energy you are putting out. That energy field has the tendency to attract similar experiences to it whether you like it or not. Some would come to understand this as The Law of Attraction. You carry energy around you at all times and it is a culmination of your experiences. So if people have wronged you in the past it is important that you forgive and clean your vibrational field. Some of us need to do this daily so we can keep ourselves cleaned up. Carrying hate and resentment blocks good vibrations from coming thru.

I didn’t understand this when I was growing up. I got into a lot of fights. We moved a dozen times growing up and I was always the new kid in the neighborhood and my mother remarried as well as my father. So I had step parents who hated my guts on both sides. It’s amazing when I think about it now because I grew up with alcoholics and narcissists. I was determined to make it out of that whole environment and graduate high school and I did. Relying on my own inner superpower and desire to be better and overcome I actually got into college too. I had a really crummy GPA because I grew up in abusive homes but it was strong enough get me by.

I eventually graduated college and ran an art gallery, worked for Capital Records, NBC, and had contracts with Coca Cola and all kinds of other cool stuff. Later in life I found myself unemployed after the big dot com crash. I had to reinvent myself and a lot of the work I did for search engines had changed so much that I really had to start over again. This got me to think about my life in review and I had to remember what made me so “big” in the first place. How did I use my faith and my mind to get me where I wanted to go?This lead to intense study about the subconscious mind and how it can be used to manifest all sorts of things in this lifetime. I became a student of the mind. By doing so I found my purpose and even connected to my soul mate and future wife. I started to study the formulas that made all of this possible. If I laid out my entire life to you right now you wouldn’t believe it. I am going to keep it brief and share with you a few tools to make things happen in your world. Is that alright?

You are a sum of your experiences both good and bad. These experiences have left emotions in your body and you hold onto them and they become part of your memory. You may lose the details of the experience but you hold onto the takeaway. So let me summarize, as a kid I have a bad memory of my father. He had been drinking and for some reason our car was out of commission so we were taking the bus. I don’t remember where we were going but along the way I had asked for a comic book. We were making transfers and hopping buses across town and I think we hit more bars. Along the journey I had lost the comic book and my dad got irritated and blurted out, “that was the last comic book I am ever buying for you!”.

I was never a trouble maker and I rarely asked for things. I don’t think he remembered even saying it years later but it left a strong mark on me. I internalized that and from that point on I never expected anything from him. I even hesitated asking him for anything more and that lasted up until my adult years. My father had gifted me a stereo when I graduated high school and it was a nice one. It came with two tape players so I could dub my own tapes and it came with a turntable. But because of what had happened as a boy I couldn’t bring myself to ask him for any records to go with it. I had wanted the new Powerstation record, (yes it was a long time ago).

As you go through life you will accumulate many experiences and these get stored in your body as codes. Whether you know it or not you are being programmed by all of your experiences. Its like when kids are told not to touch a hot stove and they do it anyway. There is a painful memory attached to it. You may forget exactly who told you not to touch it and that part does not matter. You hold onto the end result and hold onto the memory. These start to structure your human experience and build a kind of prison of the mind. You stay locked into limited thinking and you convince yourself that there are limits. Some people tend to live like this for the rest of their lives. Holding onto these negative and limiting beliefs can create a wide range of problems such as psychosomatic illness, mental illness, and disease.

Getting to the joy factor is the hard part. Finding real joy in life can be elusive. There are shortcuts to euphoria and many people will take a pill, alcohol or do recreational drugs. But these are a temporary fix and will not bring you real joy. I used to get to certain crisis point and I would literally crack. I would hit the bars and go straight for the beer and blow my mind. Worse, this sort of culture was encouraged in my business groups, corporate America jobs, and it was accepted as normal. I could write on and on about this vicious cesspool. I was miserable and stuck in this rut and I couldn’t manifest my next bar tab. Plus the people and level of conversation I was experiencing during this period was a real null. It was far from mentally stimulating and I was bored and disgusted with life. Finally, when I couldn’t handle it anymore I went racing to the spritual side.


When I look back on my life, and thanks to this Corona Virus lockdown I have plenty of time to think, I realize there has been a formula for my big manifestations. There has been a three part formula for getting what I want. The first thing was that I had to be completely clear on what it was that I wanted to manifest. It had to live in my heart and my deep desire for it had to be unshakable. The second thing I did was I created something physical with my desire in mind. This could be a dream board filled with cut out pictures or drawings. There had to be a physical act and this is so important to do. The third thing I did to do was allow it to be. There can be no doubt at all when you want to clear the way for your new manifestation. That means cleaning out your vibrational field and forgive people and even forgive yourself. There can be no hate in your heart to create a roadblock. You need to keep everything wide open for your new manifestation to arrive.

So lets get the ball rolling……

1. FOCUS – Get clear on what it is you want to manifest. Talk to your heart and don’t fool yourself. This is the time to get absolutely clear on what it is you truly want. Don’t short change your vision and give settle second best. Focus on that thing that you really want.

2. DO SOMETHING PHYSICAL – You need to do a physical act based on what you are focusing on. Everything in life is seed based. You came from a seed. Everything has a beginning and this is part of the spiritual laws. So to give you an illustration of what that can mean you need to do something deliberate to get the ball rolling. Here are some ideas:

A. You can create a vision board, (sometimes called a dream board) which is a large piece of poster board that you can tape pictures of houses, vacations, cars, food, beaches or whatever it is you want to create.

B. Write it out in a journal in great detail of what you want to create. Go into depth about how you will be experiencing this new thing that you want. Go in detail about how great you are feeling when this thing arrives.There are many ways you can create a seed. The more creative you are with it the better. There are no hard set rules on how you go about this process so make sure you adjust it to fit your personality.

3. ALLOW IT TO BE – If you have no in your heart and allow your faith to work this is where the magic happens. Your vision will start to gel and attract energy to your need or desire. Do not let doubt and past memories sneak into this area and ruin your manifestation. Keep out all past memories of failure or negative self talk from friends and family ruin your moment. This is your moment.When you follow this basic formula the magic starts to happen. It might get a little freaky and you do not want to scare yourself away from the supernatural. But this is where the fun stuff starts to happen. Your heart may start to race a little faster and your pulse will quicken when things start to happen. Be watchful and see the what unfolds. Do not scare yourself out of it.


There are two parts to your brain that make things happen. You have the conscious part of your mind and that is the stuff you see. That is the part of the brain that allows you to do everyday functions like drive a car, make lunch and pay bills.The other part is bigger and more mysterious. The subconscious part of the mind handles all the physical functions of your body that you are unaware of. This controls things like regulating your heart beat, breathing, and other vital bodily functions. It will obey your commands and what you feed it. So remember this very important fact and that is thoughts cannot combat thoughts. So over thinking your thoughts and questioning your manifestation can cancel it out. The best way to get out of the thought loops is to talk positive statements out loud. You may have to find a private place to do this but it is necessary. You will want to say things like….

“I am getting closer to my goal right now as I speak”
“My dream is coming true on an hourly basis”
“I am manifesting my desire at the right time”
“I am overcoming all of my problems in Heavenly time”

Now there is another area I want you to focus on. You are built up of three bodies. These bodies control the overall sum of who you are. All of these bodies must work together to give you what you want. There is the physical body, the spiritual body, and the emotional body. Any one of these can be wounded or carry old wounds of pain and negativity. You will need to be conscious of this and keep them clean and free of other peoples judgments and defamation. You do not own other peoples judgments against you. That belongs to them.

Let your inner heart be shown externally by the kindness and good acts that you do.It is important to note that you are not to carry any hatred in your heart. You are not to own any ill wishes from your enemies. It may be critical to cut out certain people in your life who no longer wish the best for you. Some people give up on life and kill themselves. I say, it is better to kill off parts of your personality that no longer serve you. That means creating new changes, making new friends, taking on new beliefs and most of all helping others. The flow of energy that will come thru from these changes will make a shift in your life.


Nature cannot tolerate stagnancy. It does not exist in our time and space. When you make room for new things in your life by throwing out the old that void will be filled. Now it is important to keep good thoughts because you do not want that void to be filled with more negative things. You do not want to magnify your problems so make sure you follow this very important law.

Making room for something new doesn’t have to be hard. I gave away a bunch of old clothes so I could make room for new things to arrive in my life. I gathered a bunch of old garments that no longer served me or fit my new personality and gave them to the needy. I also gave away boxes of books to someone who could really use them. Everytime you make a big move like this you are making a void. That empty space will get filled with something brand new. The energy now has a place to go and to manifest. You can do this with anything so its important to remember.

In Closing

I have used these techniques to achieve many amazing results. I have used them to acquire new cars, college education, dream jobs, travel, vacations, front row seats at concerts, and even finding my true love. It is a way of life. Connecting to the Universe, the Holy Spirit and our Creator is very important. Never use the creators name in anger, never curse yourself or others, and never wish harm on anyone since we are all connected to the same energy. I heard a very good phrase once and it said – never curse the same God who blesses you. Walk gently and patiently.

Your energy can backfire and you will experience real pain. In the early days I didn’t know how this all worked and I ended up in a very bad situation. I lost my keys and my glasses at a concert and ended up sleeping out in a parking lot. This happened after a day of being angry and blowing up. I tried to overcompensate that anger by going out and getting tanked up on beer at a concert. But that negative energy was still around me and I didn’t shake it loose and ended up paying a price for it.

Find your balance, find your self worth and take the time to get to know yourself and your limits. This whole process is about growth and learning. Best of all it is about getting experience and overcoming your limitations and sharing this information with others.

May God be with you.



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