As In The Film "Color Me Impressed"

DETROIT - The Replacements are the subject of a documentary of sorts directed by Gorman Bechard. None of the band members appear in this production and the story is told through a collection of people who knew them, saw them, and worked with them from the very beginning to the end. These people speak for them and create a complete picture.



NASHVILLE - The Replacements are the bad boys of Alternative Rock and may have cornered the genre. In the film "Color Me Impressed:" there is a story where they deliberately upset Tom Petty while opening for them on tour. The story goes the Replacements opened for Petty during their "Don't Tell A Soul" album promotion. The usual backstage gags and jokes ensued to the point where Petty warned them. "If you fuck up one more time you are all fucking fired" Petty reportedly said.

The next night in Nashville the Replacements got a hold of Tom Petty's wife's dresses and wore them on stage. The drummer came out wearing a ridiculous pair of deer antlers duct-taped to his head. The band rambled through 4-5 songs and did an extended 9 minute instrumental version of "Walk on the Wild Side". This had to have worn out the patience of everyone in the crowd. Lead singer Paul Westerberg finally walked up to the mic and said, "Last night Tom Petty told us if we fucked up one more time he would fire us..... Well FUCK YOU Tom Petty and fuck you Nashville!".

This was another one of those special moments in the Replacements career where they self-sabotaged the band. This type of behavior turned out to be a normal thing and would shadow them. You can call it bad chemistry or bad juju but the Replacements just did not have the staying power to play in the mainstream.

The film clocks in almost two hours and you can find this right now on Amazon Prime. You can watch it for free, or rent it as well as get the DVD.










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