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Pete Doherty and Carl Barat Come Back
For Another Round

Ten years ago something happened. But it didn’t happen over here – at least I don’t think it did. There was a musical explosion taking place in the U.K. That’s always been a hotbed of pop music. The Detroit radio stations weren’t covering it because they were still playing the Stone Temple Pilots and LIVE – it sounds insane but it is true. Totally true…..and totally sad too.

I found out about guitarist Pete Doherty on the web and I was somewhat taken by him and all of his drug problems. He also had some serious problems with the media. Amidst his numerous court appearances and bouts with the paparazzi he was also dating super model Kate Moss. She too had her problems with drugs and in 2005 and was dropped by several  brands including Burberry, Rimmel, and H&M just to name a few. There was talk about Pete Doherty’s court case and his probation and difficulties of him getting into the United States. He had problems with some hardcore drugs like heroin and cocaine.

One snippet of news from the early 2000’s featured Doherty coming out of a court building being hounded by photographers. He hopped over an iron fence and scampered off. The pictures of him looked different every time he was photographed and he rarely looked well.  Some pictures showed him looking stylish and proper while others looked like he had been out all night. Doherty had the same kind of dizzying public image as the late Amy Winehouse. I grabbed any kind of info I could about him at the time and knew of another band he was in called The Babyshambles. What little I heard from them sounded intriguing. Their music was very interesting and liked it immensely.


I had to go on the web to read about them and scour through UK pop music magazines to read about them. They were not really well thought of in American music channels or on social media. The Libertines were usually met with …..  “Who?” and they got very little airplay. If you wanted to hear the Libertines, The Babyshambles or The Arctic Monkeys then you had to go on music trading services like Kazaa and Limewire. Even our American record stores didn’t really carry any of their music yet and Youtube was still a few years away.

I could pick up that this whole circle of people were riddled with serious problems. The Libertines and The Arctic Monkeys tricked in on the US airwaves eventually and some of the smaller independent alternative radio stations would play them. The Arctic Monkeys would eventually make an appearance as a musical guest on Saturday Night Live in 2006. They were singing about their own culture, the violent streets where they came from to an American audience who was very foreign and oblivious. Lead singer, Alex Turner, pointed at an audience member and blurted out, “That man yawned !!” while going into the close of, “A Certain Romance”.

Carl Barat would later grab the mic on the, “David Letterman Show” around that same period to do, “I Get Along” with a very enthusiastic Pete Doherty yelling in the background on the soundstage. The American audience was getting just a taste of what these musicians were all about but never really getting the full experience.

It was clear there as some very serious underground music scene going on in the UK. Even with the Internet that message got very misconstrued in the states. It wasn’t until online video sites like and Itunes would give us a more inside view of what was really going on. The content that came forth from 2006 to present was very revealing. One thing remains quite obvious – the Libertines were one hell of a band!

There was an underground buzz and some hints on BBC Radio 1 that Pete Doherty was a big deal. This was a revolution in sound and magazines like MOJO and the NME really picked up on it. The layouts of the stories and live concert shots screamed one thing loud and clear, “You should have been here….”. They were hyped up so nice and I totally felt left out. Then I didn’t’ really hear much about them after that as other bands stepped up to the limelight.

THE LIBERTINES - Live In Hyde Park, UK



Well, I know they are back and I was very glad to find out about this. Since YouTube was created a lot of songs were released by the Libertines including some brilliant Beatle covers. I had read that Pete Doherty had left the band and didn’t find out what the deal was with any of that…. Until recently.

Pete Doherty was involved with a hit and run which left a man critically injured.  Then later he had to serve a 6 months jail sentence. Longtime girlfriend Kate Moss has left the scene and Pete ended up having a kid with singer Lisa Moorish. To make it all simple I am going to leave out the rest of the ups and downs including a very intense chapter with the late Peaches Geldolf.

The Libertines did a reunion tour at the British Summer Time Festival in Hyde Park in July 2014. They would also play an outside show with the Manic Street Preachers, The Example and Lily Allen.

We haven’t really seen this much drama since The Sex Pistols in 1977-78. Now, it’s all about the music. Singer and songwriter Carl Barat has admitted recently to having depression and rightly so. There was a lot of drugs and some serious drama going on behind the scenes. In some ways it has made the songs more real and given them real impact. For Pete this means getting new amps and guitars because he destroyed a lot of what he owns in domestic squabbles.

The Hyde Park show drew 60,000 people and it had to be stopped twice due to the screaming crowd. The fans were rushing the stage and were smashing up the barricades. The fans were also scaling a tower and shooting off flares into the audience which is actually quite dangerous. This is definitely a Euro thing and I remember this happening to a Cure concert in France. This is a very different kind of mania that that states have yet to experience.

The Libertines have become very much of a cult like band in the UK. The shows were very successful and the band has since added on some more shows in London. We can only hope that they will end up touring the U.S. in the very near future. They are incredible and bring a lot of uniqueness and energy into pop music making it fun again. If anything the rock music they produce is very real. Its personal and it is very – very , interesting.

THE LIBERTINES - Live In Hyde Park, UK



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