Where Do You Stand In These Troubled Times?

DETROIT – The days that we are in are indeed dark. Just yesterday the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, (where Christ was born) has closed its doors. This is the first time this has happened since the 1300’s which was around the time of the Black Plague. The Corona Virus has spread and makeshift hospitals are popping up in unusual places. The economy is now on hold and thousands of businesses are on the verge of collapse. Do you run and hide or do you turn to prayer to get you through?

I had the fortunate experience to study faith and prayer through many denominations and cultures. One of my girlfriends studied a wide range of philosophies, religions, and cultures and it ranged around a dozen or so. I say it was around that number because some of these religions were small cliques and could be considered cults? No kidding, we met them all. We met a lot of people who believed that they were receiving messages from the upper world and not all of them were directly tied to Heaven. Before I get off the subject I want to mention what an incredible time that was. This allowed me to experience life from many different vantage points and even made me appreciate my Christian roots.

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The other day I was going thru my Facebook and I came across a really sad picture of a young child in a poor country. His head was enormous due to some sort of disease and it said the words, “Don’t even think of scrolling past this without saying Amen”. This person was trying to generate prayers for this poor kid and it was a really sad situation. People were typing Amen as instructed and others typed the word --- prayers. That was it. Simple. Trite and concise. Then they shuffled off to go click on something else that needed attention. Apparently, they figured they had done all they could do. In another post there was a picture of a middle aged musician posing next to his guitar. He had passed away due to cancer and here is what people wrote about him. One person said, “Cancer is a bitch”, and another person wrote, “Fuck Cancer”, ( a sentiment that can quickly get you banned on Facebook) while someone else simply wrote, “prayers”.

I cannot tell you how much this bothers me after studying so much theology and Universal laws. This may sound like people are caring but at the end of the day this way of communicating to the Almighty is very weak and ineffective. Are people this numb when it comes to spiritual maturity? Are we spending this much time in front of our screens where we cannot recognize true and effective prayer as opposed to liking something? This gets so bad that I have to actually speak up about it and I find that when I do people can get really defensive.
Mel Bond Ministries | Faith and God and Social Media| Prayer and Corona Virus| Hot Metro Finds Faith| Detroit and Faith| Andrew Wommack Ministries | Jesus Christ in 2020| Christian Faith| Working With God | New York Chicago Los Angeles

In 2020, the name Jesus Christ seems to offend a lot of people. They immediately want to draw lines in the sand and put you into a political penalty box and begin with the name calling. It is really amazing when you think that the very concepts of Christ can bring this out of people. Yet, if the concepts are renamed in the vein of “Spirituality” or, “Universe” they bring out the complete opposite reaction. When the concepts of Christ are delivered without any Christianity references then some people seem to be much more relaxed with it. The concepts are no longer offensive or raise any sort of concern. The concept of Christianity and using the name of Jesus Christ also seems to draw a lot of anger from the LGBT community, and women. I have seen this cloud the very nature of what Christianity stands for. If you are going to let politics corrode your thinking and keep you away from God then you are cutting off a very vital part of yourself. You are then keeping your knowledge of God limited and simple. There is a price that you pay when you choose this route. That life’s road will be paved with doubt, anger, frustration, and even insanity.

So is it okay to feel powerless right now in this dark age? Is it okay to go completely agnostic and even pit oneself against God, mankind and all of creation? There are some places that teach that anger is an allowed emotion and that it is okay to vent. There are even spiritual communities like the New Shull in New York that will allow you to sit around the table and pass a bottle of very expensive vodka and Kvetch, (or bitch). At first this seems like a very healthy thing to do and for a while I was going to go along with it but then something happened to me. I got so sick of myself and the direction of my life and I literally could not stand it anymore. I had to seek out the Truth and get a grasp on who God was. I didn’t have my college friends around me anymore to fill up the time with senseless jokes and immature spiritual insight. I had to go with what God says and find out exactly who he is in my life. I needed real power.


One summer, roughly three years ago, I had the rare chance to study along side of pastors Mel Bond and Andrew Wommack. They both came thru town and I got into my car and hunted them down. I had a very unique yet similar experience with both of them and they shared something very powerful with me. Both of these pastors took the Bible very literally and believed that you could do whatever it told you it could do. This may come to some sort of a revelation to some of you who never looked at it like this before but there it was. The Bible and everything in it is a living Word and a living testimony of faith. As long as your faith was applied to the problem at hand then it was possible to remove the trouble in your path. This was astonishing to hear because I had always looked at the Bible as some sort of history book that no longer really applied to our modern life.

That was totally my fault and my misunderstanding. I was able to experience this power myself first hand when one of the prayer partners prayed over my busted leg. I had been hit by a car as a youth and I had scar tissue inside of my knee and it had shattered. The doctors just grinned and said there wasn’t much they could do out side of cortisone shot. I never saw that doctor again and I was totally on my own. I was in the presence of God and God alone. I had this new prayer partner who was kneeling before me and assisting me with our reintroduction but the faith part had to come from my end. I was willing to try anything. He prayed sincerely over me and then put both hands on my knee and I could feel heat. Then after saying some scripture and prayer he told me to go ahead and try walking on it. I was using a crutch to get around and I placed it down and tried to walk on my own. I kept thinking about the prayer and that it was going to hold. I was trying not to think about the pain of what I had been going thru. But as soon as my focus shifted on the pain I lost all strength in my leg and stumbled.

Mel Bond Ministries | Faith and God and Social Media| Prayer and Corona Virus| Hot Metro Finds Faith| Detroit and Faith| Andrew Wommack Ministries | Jesus Christ in 2020| Christian Faith| Working With God | New York Chicago Los AngelesI had my prayer partner pray over me again. Once again he placed his hands on my knee and reset the intention that I was going to walk pain free and be healed. He took his hands off of me and commanded me to walk again and I did. I lasted a bit longer this time and then eventually felt my leg go weak once I lost my concentration. But I could feel it working. He instructed me to keep my focus on the healing. I returned back to my seat with a new insight on how to set intention and how to apply the power of God to my body. I knew I was onto something completely different and I was eager to do this again on my own.


You have three bodies. You have a physical body, a spiritual body and an emotional body. All of these create your physical experience in this world. Everything that you have touched, sensed and experienced are part of your overall vibration. That includes all the things that have hurt you in the past and all of the things that have brought you extreme joy. Pay attention to the hurt and resentment that you hold onto because that can draw you back from any kind of positive breakthrough. When we hold onto resentment, pain, hostility and anger we are actually hurting ourselves. If we carry with us angry music, and spite or thoughts of revenge we are in fact hurting ourselves. This is worth mentioning because the world is full of this kind of messaging. We pay top dollar to bring it into our homes with cable television, internet access and music. We actually call this our entertainment but it is very destructive.

When I say get rid of this stuff I really mean get rid of it. In the Eastern tradition you can do things like soak your feet in salt water to bring the negativity out of your body. I have written articles about how to do this and it is done quite often in India. The scriptures tell us to cast the devil out of your life by commanding it to leave in the sacred name of Jesus. When you resist sin and turn your back on it the devil will leave you. Once this is cleared then you can speak to your problem and remove it. Jesus talks about how we can talk to our mountain and command it to be thrown into the sea. Miracles will happen. They may be small at first but they will start to come in waves. You have opened a doorway to the supernatural.
Mel Bond Ministries | Faith and God and Social Media| Prayer and Corona Virus| Hot Metro Finds Faith| Detroit and Faith| Andrew Wommack Ministries | Jesus Christ in 2020| Christian Faith| Working With God | New York Chicago Los Angeles

In this modern world we scoff at the idea of making miracles. But remember we are made in God’s own image, (Genesis 1:37). We can do what the Bible says we can do. This is where miracles are born and where we experience things like synchronicity. You have to make sure that your playing field is clean. There is a stillness that must occur. Didn’t Jesus say, “Be still and know that I am God?”, (Psalm 46:10). I once met a Rabbi who said that people laugh and say that they find the idea of having miracles to be odd. He said that he would think it odd if a person DID NOT experience miracles on a daily basis. The Rabbi said that he would know that something wasn’t right about that person and that he or she would be in need of getting their priorities right with God. It is not natural for a person to experience one trauma after another and to be in complete misery. Somewhere along the line something is broken in that person and needs to be fixed. That sort of introspective house cleaning must be done by the individual. It is not up to your neighbor to do it. That is why a person will ask, “Will you please pray for me?”. The power that you have is in you. God has given you the authority to trample snakes and scorpions, (Luke 10:19). The believers authority is powerful.

So instead of typing, “prayers” the next time you see a tragic post know that you have to authority to command the healing presence of God. You will want to say, “ Be healed in the name of Jesus. I pour out the precious Blood of Christ on you and command you to be healed in Jesus name, Amen” That simple prayer is enough to remove something. You will also want to talk lo your problems directly like in my case. You would say, “Cancer be removed in the mighty name of Jesus. We command you to go in Jesus name Amen”. Remember to never plead and beg for favor. A wise priest pointed out to me that you can use faith alone and that is sufficient. When Jesus taught his apostles to pray he simply used faith to do it. You only had to have faith the size of a grain of mustard seed. You did not have to do anything elaborate.

These are big takeaways. I want you to remember them and to use them. The grace of God is a gift to all mankind. This means that a person does not have to live a righteous and holy life to attain God’s favor. One only has to accept the Christ died for our sins and that all debt of sin has been paid. You have been bought for a price and an heir to the eternal Heavenly father. Resist the devil and he will flee from you. Turn from sin. Do not hold onto any resentment and clear the room for your miracle. Hold onto the promises of God. They are in your Bible in the book of Psalms. If you have a Bible with a concordance you can look up any problem whether it be family trouble, finances or health and you will find scripture and promises. Use the Word of God and remember that man does not live by bread alone. He also needs the bread of life.


When I was in Chicago I would often take the subways and the El train. I was all over that grand city and saw all walks of life. I will never forget the time I saw a young man covered with tattoos. He wore a white yoga shirt and it was a hot day. You could see his entire spiritual path on both of his arms and chest. He had everything from a Ying Yang symbol, The Blessed Mother Mary, Jesus, Japanese war symbols, Native American designs, Star of David and a few others. Yet this man was extremely unhappy in appearance and he sat on the train with his head in his hands. I didn’t know how to approach him back then with any kind of conversation as I was far away from God myself. But he left quite an impression. Why is it that so many people live a condemned life and a rural existence?

Mel Bond Ministries | Faith and God and Social Media| Prayer and Corona Virus| Hot Metro Finds Faith| Detroit and Faith| Andrew Wommack Ministries | Jesus Christ in 2020| Christian Faith| Working With God | New York Chicago Los Angeles

When I studied with the East Indians I learned about purification ceremonies and attended a pooja. I will never forget how clean I felt once I got rid of all of that sticky cosmic junk off of me. I felt like I had just arrived on the planet once I finished this long prayerful ceremony. We had invoked the Supreme Divine. We have been in the presence of auspicious holy energy. It was the same kind of intense feeling when I studied at the shull during Hanukkah season. I would go to service and study with the Rabbis there and even dine with them afterwards and felt the power of God’s holy light. Those two experiences are very similar in the sense that they acknowledge the energy centers in the body. The Hindus and Yogis will refer to the energy centers as Kundalini. While the Jews will recognize it as the Tree of Life and Kabbalah. They are both correct and there understanding of these internal power centers in the body are there to invoke the Divine within. You have power. You are a power center.

Sadly, in our modern world we are powerless. We are too absorbed by what we see around us and we do not activate this amazing power source. If only we could activate it and do good for ourselves and for our fellow neighbors. Your heart center is the most powerful of them all and it radiates outward like a radio signal. It also helps attract like minded things and experiences back to you. That is why you need to get your heart right so you do not attract disaster, doom and gloom back to your every day experience. In Christian terms remember what Jesus said about love. Corinthians 13:13 tells us that greatest of all is love. The Book of Peter tells us that love will also cover a multitude of sins so to use it freely. The Book of John says to love one another because God is love.


You are an extension of God. You are made in His image and you owe it to yourself to experience this incredible power. I have had many experiences of God in my years on this Earth. There were times when I had no friends and I had to rely on myself and God alone. I stuck close to his Word and tried to read and understand him the best I could and even though I was rusty on my scripture I held on. This ended up saving my life more than a few times. I truly believe that if I hadn’t latched onto Him that I would have died a long time ago.

When you hold on to Universal laws, spiritual truths, The Word of God and hold your highest self to those principles amazing things happen. Do not look at your outside circumstances and keep repeating the negative things you see. Instead you should hold onto the promises that those verses say is true. The life you are living will “bend” over to the higher truths. The spiritual and enlightened people will call that a shift. The Christians will call it a miracle. I had another name for it before I learned the right terminology and labeled it, “light bending”. This is where you answer lies.

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Remember that in these dark times you do not have to be a theologian. You do not have to please a priest, or a rabbi or even a pandit. All you need in these troubled times is a yearning for the highest truth, a sincere heart, and a desire to connect to the creator, (however you see him). You can do what I did and seek God in any way you can. Look up support groups, online chats, or even attend an online church service of your choice. But whatever you do get to know Him. Become obsessive in your learning and take a step toward Him. I can tell you that once you take a step towards Him he in turn will take two steps to meet you. Also remember God will show up where two or more are gathered in His name.

Lastly, you should make the effort to know God because it is part of your human experience. You are not operating without His assistance and He is very much apart of you. There are levels of higher consciousness that you may not be aware of. There are energy centers around your body as illustrated in the Tree of Life. There are higher dimensions of the self and you can access to Supreme consciousness when you meditate and use your inner focus. Some call it the Force. It is a supernatural dimension that many do not bother to use. Do not run and hide and dump toxic poisons and chemicals in your body while in a state of fear. Use your inner calm to know God, know truth and share that ability with others. These are very serious and dark days and who knows what lies ahead. Take peace in knowing that your Heavenly father and your inner man is strong and can be built up over time to overcome everything.

And that is GREAT NEWS.



Mel Bond Ministries | Faith and God and Social Media| Prayer and Corona Virus| Hot Metro Finds Faith| Detroit and Faith| Andrew Wommack Ministries | Jesus Christ in 2020| Christian Faith| Working With God | New York Chicago Los Angeles

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