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ANN ARBOR - To celebrate Robert Smith from the Cure’s birthday we present to you the concert film “In Orange”. It was filmed at the Theater Antique D’Orange in France. The concert was filmed in 1986 at the band's height in popularity and directed by Tim Pope, who did most of their rock videos. "In Orange" debut at the Michigan Theater on the big screen in 1988 and has been rarely seen since. We managed to locate this copy for you to enjoy.



Just a few more notes on Robert Smith from the Cure and his birthday tribute. A film such as “In Orange” would typically go straight to Netflix, Hulu or some type of streaming service. The film was created as a thank you to its fans. When it was released “In Orange” played a limited run to independent film houses. We caught the film in an exclusive arrangement with the Michigan Theater at a midnight screening. It attracted an Alternative rock music crowd and was favored by the Goth kids. This was in 1988 at a time when Alternative music was just getting into rotation into mainstream radio.

The Cure has gone through many member changes since its inception in 1977. They played original music and most of it was not typically radio friendly. “In Orange” was directed by Tim Pope who also did the Cure’s rock videos including “Head On The Door” and “Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me” album promotions. The Cure has long been favored in the Detroit Entertainment community and its 12” remixes, and extended dance mixes have been played at The City Club, and The Nectarine Ballroom. They have also have a long history as a college student radio favorite.

“In Orange” was finally released on VHS and was available for rental stores such as Video Watch, and Blockbuster. The film is rarely screened but has been enjoyed worldwide. “In Orange” is not the only concert film The Cure has released. They released another concert movie entitled “Show” which was filmed in Michigan at the Palace of Auburn Hills.

From all of us here at Hot Metro Finds we wish Robert Smith a very happy birthday and many more to come.


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